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Mar 27But we know. 
Mar 24Aphrodite really wishes she could just seduce someone right now.
Mar 23Most of us are terminally mortal.
Mar 22The goddess of love should also be in charge of denuclearization, probably.
Mar 21“I just became jealous of every being in the universe that’s anywhere but here.”
Mar 20Radioactivity should be reported much more quickly than this.
Mar 17Filler Art Friday: Chain Gang
Mar 16Anansi has probably almost destroyed the world a few times.
Mar 15If she’s lucky, this is all a fear hallucination.
Mar 14Nimmo knows a lot of etymological trivia.
Mar 13Like most Greek gods, Aphrodite is driven by either sex or vengeance.
Mar 10They are determined not to let adversity bring them together. I respect that.
Mar 9Nimmo didn’t even need to think about who wrote that note.
Mar 8This kind of thing only happens on Wednesdays.
Mar 7Should we imagine the rhinoceros as anthropomorphic? A conundrum.
Mar 6Gods do tend to be distressingly human.
Mar 3Oryx would be shocked to learn that he is cool.
Mar 2What is this, Nimmo week?
Mar 1And then he immediately loses them again.
Feb 28They play that game whenever I decide it would be funny.
Feb 27That ended exactly as I expected it would. With vomit in the tub.
Feb 24Baba is over being the mom-friend.
Feb 23That tub really stuck the landing.
Feb 22There’s not enough pity in the world.
Feb 21The laws are to restrict ugly bathtubs walking around.
Feb 20Birds ARE secretly dinosaurs, so you know they’re cunning.
Feb 17Oryx ends up in a sitcom family across all timelines.
Feb 16Oryx has a warped definition of “sweet.”
Feb 15There’s a reason The Techie was a B-tier villain.
Feb 14The Techie is still pretty sure gods are fake.
Feb 13Is Manic Mistress “people?” Discuss.
Feb 10Hiding in the kitchen is my go-to party move.
Feb 9Meanwhile, Oryx sips his tea in relative peace.
Feb 8Evil revenge ghosts are the worst kind.
Feb 7Oryx has wandered off to have some tea.
Feb 6Nobody should have to be related to The Techie.
Feb 3In retrospect, it was kind of a boneheaded move.
Feb 2This is the first evidence that Oryx wears other clothes. 
Feb 1He means long in emotional time.
Jan 31“I’m a Killbot! He was my creator! It’s what we do!”
Jan 30Being a killbot usually is more fun, as a rule.
Jan 27It’s the little things.
Jan 26Chompers is brutally efficient.
Jan 25“Here’s another idea: bring it, scrub.”
Jan 24Serves him right for wanting to have a nice time with his friends.
Jan 23He demonstrably is having this conversation.
Jan 20Baba hates not being her own boss.
Jan 19Those dangerous artifacts are staying in those boxes forever.
Jan 18Oryx is a straight-talker.
Jan 17It’s a beautiful language.
Jan 16Ice cream is a cure-all.
Jan 13This whole ordeal has been very taxing on Carrie.
Jan 12Tryst is becoming more and more like an anime protagonist as time goes on.
Jan 11Glorp is a medical marvel.
Jan 10Tryst probably won’t kill her, but she will have some cutting words.
Jan 9Glorp is having a great, safe time.
Jan 6Carrie is technically correct, but it’s still rude to point it out.
Jan 5There are a lot of reasons why Tryst is like an anime protagonist.
Jan 4Unrelated: Glorp is great at scouting ahead.
Jan 3The Oryx struck fear into all that didn’t know him.
Jan 2I think that takedown was a little hammy.









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