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Apr 9Possible slight overreaction.
Apr 8Pretty much exactly what the story beat called for.
Apr 7Max hasn’t walked anywhere in years.
Apr 6Filler Art: Egged On
Apr 3Obviously, yes. Powdered wigs are how you know there’s a council.
Apr 2The incarceration laws in the Cute Plane seem better when you’re not a deposed king.
Apr 1Thematically, this is a fraught situation.
Mar 31What yourself, Turquoise. Only the Theater Bats are allowed to bash my plots.
Mar 27Technically, *glorp* is not legally binding.
Mar 26It would be both polite and prudent to find another room.
Mar 25Carrie rolls with the punches.
Mar 24Yes and yes.
Mar 23It has been a trying few months.
Mar 20I accidentally named this file “Dosneyland,” which I think sums it up.
Mar 19Carrie knows there will be lots of chances to regret this.
Mar 18And Turquoise should probably change out of her pjs.
Mar 17The spider staff is starting to really look like a white elephant.
Mar 16Max is technically a wizard, which means he’s great at derailing conversations.
Mar 13Seems like a good way to end up stuck to a stick.
Mar 12“If it starts laying eggs, I’m out.”
Mar 11I don’t know how you live lives like theirs and still have time for video games, honestly.
Mar 10Jump Start knows too much about too many hells.
Mar 9Yont has not slept for thirty hours.
Mar 6She’s clearly making it to the world at large. As one does.
Mar 5Baba knows the game.
Mar 4…Yeah, I don’t know. I think I need her to show her work on this one.
Mar 3*One of* the songs they sing in winter.
Mar 2Any gathering of animals is ominous when you’re so used to the supernatural.
Feb 28Yont is a simple soul.
Feb 27The most respectable food on a stick is lollipops.
Feb 26Marea has already named her four snakes. They’re staying forever.
Feb 25I like to stay in on snake days, but to each their own.
Feb 24So, it turns out this cult is just bad at stuff.
Feb 21It WAS kind of heartless, but Dick’s known to be careless with tropes.
Feb 20Marea is ready to unlock her head exploding potential, please.
Feb 19Marea is good at biting. She has dedication.
Feb 18Streak has always been the unhappiest superhero.
Feb 17This rescue is going great.
Feb 14You know what they say: “madder than a hat.”
Feb 13That teapot is working hard today.
Feb 12Streak lacks whimsy.
Feb 11Cassidy knows what she wants.
Feb 10Oof. That was a harsh smash-cut.
Feb 7Those are some determined and powerful crows.
Feb 6Like the pharaohs of old, Marea is a master of denial.
Feb 5Bad time to brag about it, but.
Feb 4Oh, come on. Like Marea’s not AT LEAST as doomed.
Feb 3The upside here is that Marea’s sleeping again.
Jan 31When Manea parties, she parties pink.
Jan 30Clearly he hasn’t seen octopods going at it.
Jan 29Yont thought he’d provided a much better example than that.
Jan 28I have quite a few comics that just dunk on Aphrodite.
Jan 27Nimmo is pretty good at real swords.
Jan 24“It’s weird that we got to this point before you asked that.”
Jan 23Time to backpedal.
Jan 22Not a selling point.
Jan 21“I’m pretty sure his only friends are bodies of water.”
Jan 20Adorable Zombie Head just wants to help and make friends.
Jan 17Turns out he is having fun.
Jan 16Hades is quickly losing all trust in this situation.
Jan 15Chompers is a master of chill times.
Jan 14This is a pretty mean thing to do to someone who is always underground.
Jan 13And after he just got done telling her how important metaphor was.
Jan 10“There’s usually less gloating involved.”
Jan 9The kind of thing, but not this thing specifically.
Jan 8Hades didn’t really have a lot happening today, anyway.
Jan 7Hades can eat fried candy bars all day with no consequences.
Jan 6For all anyone knows, Charon has never washed that cloak.
Jan 3Filler Art: Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep
Jan 2Somewhere, Smokey the Bear weeps.
Jan 1You can’t stop this party (but you probably should).









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