Alright, I got this. This page will, potentially, grow as my own projects finish/start/I stopped being ashamed of them.

Short stories:

Charlotte and the Boy
The earliest incarnation of Charlotte, who co-stars in the next story down. This was originally written just to understand her character, but I kind of like it on its own.

Leathery Wings
A story about vampires. Well, one and a half, really.

Princess Eve
A considerably shorter story (or possibly a storylike poem) about love, the idea of love, and the things we look forward to.


A short poem about the things we count and the people we count on.

Marvin’s Winter Lullaby
A blatant rip-off of Marvin’s Lullaby converted to better meet my thoughts on winter.

A poem about true love.

The Stars Above
A freestyle poem (a collection of tweets, really) about loving someone who loves space.

Together (Or, The Doomed Love Of Rick And Manea)
A poem, or a song, about Rick and Manea. It’s a duet, with the first line to be sung by Manea, the second by Rick, and so on.