Click here for the not weirdly shrunken version of the comic. That’ll teach me to try to make anything wide.

Merry Christmas, imaginary readers! Man, how many of you are even reading this on Christmas? Not many, I bet. Merry Christmas anyway.

AND it’s Friday! Happy Friday. Merry Frimas. No, not that.

I gotta say, Friday Christmases are great. Last year I had to work on the 26th, and I was unhappy about it. And my December 26th comic is almost always late, so now I don’t have to do that. (Suck it, KWANZAA.) So it’s like I just get extra gifts from time itself. Or maybe the modern workweek. Or Frig, the goddess Friday is named after. ANYWAY THINGS ARE GREAT MERRY CHRISTMAS SEE YOU MONDAY YOU’RE THE BEST.