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Main Cast:

The Theater Bats
Comedy and Tragedy are the stars of the show, or so they’d have you believe. Despite their appearance, they share the same personality traits: they’re critical, sarcastic, able to look past the fourth wall. They say they can’t stand people, but tend to risk their lives for others anyway.
Quote: “We are, after all, always winners.” “Well, that goes without saying.”

Yont cast
Yont is a wizard. Except when he’s a scientist. Or, on somewhat rarer occasions, a pirate. Yont has tremendous power, and has cast reality altering spells multiple times, but he does everything on a whim, and rarely lets anyone (except Chompers) in on his plans. So he’s not the best person to have beside you in a crisis.
Quote: “I’ve temporarily lost most of my hearing in a candy related incident.”

Baba cast
Baba is a witch. She is quite gifted with summoning, but can hold her own in battle if she needs too. More importantly, she’s the only one that can control Yont, guilt trip the Theater Bats, and generally try to keep everyone out of trouble. She also loves cooking, and uses her cauldron as a sort of all purpose kitchen tool.
Quote: “You’d think I was the centuries old deity here.”

Roux cast
Roux is Baba’s cat. There are many cats like her, but she is Baba’s. She’s also from another dimension, but that’s probably not worth noting.
Quote: “mew”

Cast Rick
Rick is normal, or so he’d like to define himself. At one point, before he was thrust into a hero’s role, got a tadpole roommate, was the plaything of no less than two gods, and developed a second personality, the weirdest thing about him was that he was a nudist. He tends to take it all in stride though, partially because he leans on Baba a bit, and partially because it’s hard to be sad under the same roof as Nimmo.
Quote: “One of the very reasons I became a nudist was carolers.”

Nimmo ad
Nimmo is a tadpole. At first glance, his major characteristics appear to be cuteness, naivete, and resemblance to a sperm. However, he’s also an amatuer ninja who has taught himself hand-to-…uh, fish combat. He’s also something of a video game savant, and the most open of any of the cast members.
Quote: “I got a stick!”

Manea cast
Manea is a goddess of the undead and the insane. Once a queen of an Underworld country, she now lives inside an abandoned house with two spirits. She does this mostly so she can be near Rick, who she has fallen in love with, though she often laments this fact. She seems to find herself saving the world more than she’d generally like to as well.
Quote: “Stop it! Stop it! I don’t want to go on an adventure!”

Lord Downy
Lord Downy Cast
Lord Downy is a blood mage and outcast from the Cute Plane. He was outcast for being a dangerous sociopath with a hunger for power, but Nimmo decided he was ineffectual enough that as long as he and his friends kept their eyes on him, he wouldn’t be able to do much damage. Downy, for his part, has not given up on his dreams of domination.
Quote: “No, I very much doubt I could take down that many elephants.”

Bloodsport Cast
If Lord Downy is a one trick pony, Bloodsport is that one trick. It’s a giant globule of blood that no self respecting magician would summon instead of something legitimately dangerous, but it is unsettling.
Quote: “*glorp*”

Chompers Cast
Chompers is an enigma. It’s unclear why he does anything, being a massive, mute, interdimensional tentacle/vine monster. Despite this, he’s the most reliable of the cast, always saving everyone else from seemingly certain destruction. His best friend is the head of a zombie, and he spends most of his time in Yont’s basement, being super sassy.
Quote: *slow clap*

Adorable Zombie Head
Adorable Zombie Head Cast
I don’t even know, man. He’s just weird.
Quote: “…”

Underworld cast:

Satan cast
Satan you may have heard of. He has other names: Prince of darkness, Lucifer, tool. He’s a common annoyance in the story, but rarely seems to pose any real threat. His problem seems to be predictability. Everyone already knows how to get rid of him.
Quote: “Oh, unknot your panties.”

Hades Cast
Hades is the king of…Hades. He’s at least partly responsible for Manea losing her throne, and has come up with borderline insane plans to gain more power, but despite their history, they do have a common enemy.
Quote: “It’s good to be king.”

Persephone Cast
Persephone is the queen of Hades. She is more cool headed than her husband, and isn’t afraid to undermine his more foolish plans. This is only somewhat impeded by her absence in the summer.
Quote: “To leave this place, you can either forget or remember.”

Charon cast
Charon is a reaper. He ferries souls over the river Styx, and feels pretty put-upon when the living ask for a ride.
Quote: “Yes, m’lady.”

Leinth cast
Leinth is also a reaper. She’s the only one of Manea’s subjects who still does her job.
Quote: “It must hurt to have people care about you.”