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Dec 31Yont is just insufferable to live near.
Dec 30Manea also doesn’t care for flat-earthers.
Dec 29There is something to be said for a loss with no stakes.
Dec 28Customer Service Golem feels like his moral identity has been compromised.
Dec 27The moral: brands steal shit.
Dec 24God bless us, Fartburger. Every one.
Dec 23Yont is bad at threats, for a wizard.
Dec 22Urban Dictionary is a dark place.
Dec 21Edgar is a messy eater.
Dec 20Manea’s gifts are… personal.
Dec 17Now they just need more dramatic revelations in the basement.
Dec 16Quetzalcóatl is always down for a fight.
Dec 15Baba fully believes Roux could kill anyone she wanted to.
Dec 14Let’s not get ridiculous.
Dec 13He’s simply “biologically improbable.”
Dec 10Cupcake plots are the best kind of plots.
Dec 9Baba gets like this whenever one of her shows gets cancelled.
Dec 8Rick got him 32 tetris games.
Dec 7Manea is passionate about her art.
Dec 6I sure hope that snowman is okay with a fleeting existence.
Dec 3Tryst does say that to all the father figures in her life. It’s scary that he knows.
Dec 2Necromancy is almost never considered “festive.”
Dec 1Oryx and Trystine have a wonderful relationship.
Nov 30Bloodsport maintains that “blood money” is an ignorant term.
Nov 29Aphrodite is never not on brand.
Nov 26Tragedy is in a food coma.
Nov 25More like a GRAVY mistake.
Nov 24Usually curses go so much better!
Nov 23Nimmo has a gruff exterior.
Nov 18So profound.
Nov 17Oryx only calls Glorp “son” when he’s irritated.
Nov 16Yont values his character development.
Nov 15I don’t JUST need therapy.
Nov 12To be fair, neither would anyone else.
Nov 11Roux was very excited to discover this new play area.
Nov 10Then he starts screaming.
Nov 9It is a deceptively straightforward plan.
Nov 8He also could have been gagged. That would have worked.
Nov 5Manea thrives on existential terror.
Nov 4Annoyance is Dick’s only way of providing rehabilitation.
Nov 3Dick speaks truth to power.
Nov 2I’ve lost body control privileges before. Not fun.
Nov 1Bolis is a fan of Japanese horror.
Oct 29Dick’s spine is going to hurt tomorrow.
Oct 28There’s a lot of photosynthetic plankton on this moon.
Oct 27Bert is mostly breathing in his own recycled air at this point.
Oct 26Then they all die in a fiery explosion.
Oct 25It’s true. Many people want things.
Oct 22Dick is never coming back from space.
Oct 21It would be a tough spider to have survived that last spacewalk.
Oct 20Bolis is bad at steering.
Oct 19It’s not that big a leap to assume this guy can breathe in space.
Oct 18Ms. Marionettist tends to talk a lot when she’s full of adrenaline. She finds it comforting.
Oct 15“Safe” is an interesting choice of words.
Oct 14Good to know there are other people in space, though.
Oct 13“You put your tentacle in people’s faces too much.”
Oct 12It’s possible that Sadness has never told a story before.
Oct 11Being able to breathe in space is a surprisingly common power granted by horrific body changes.
Oct 8Comedy has probably been productive at some point, in fairness.
Oct 7The Oryx is a terrible patient.
Oct 6“Though it has started keening eerily.”
Oct 5Nimmo has a passionate interest in Roman conquerors.
Oct 4This is a negative change.
Oct 1I don’t know if Yont knows what compromises are.
Sep 30Not having opinions can be pretty freeing.
Sep 29Manea really likes that scene in The Lion King.
Sep 28Sure hope Mire doesn’t get fired over this.
Sep 27Carrie doesn’t like to make snap judgments about alignment.
Sep 24Kinda late to the party, Oryx.
Sep 23Too late, universe insulted. It’s a good thing I don’t take it personally.
Sep 22Trystine is going to be furious if transformation doesn’t get those stains out.
Sep 21They’ve actually been in her element this whole time.
Sep 20Now that’s just stinkin’ thinkin’.
Sep 17Trystine knows a lot about ice.
Sep 16If Carrie’s not careful, she’ll lose “protagonist” status.
Sep 15Glorp is sassy-adjacent.
Sep 14That ice golem is the dumbest visual gag I’ve ever done.
Sep 13The quiet comradery, for example.
Sep 1When breathing is the only upside, you’re living in a world of downsides.
Aug 31Blood magic is inherently gross. That’s just science.
Aug 30Tryst is looking on the bright side of things.
Aug 27Oryx is down to wreck some shit.
Aug 26Oryx is putting a lot of energy into holding back.
Aug 25This is a bad idea, but it can’t go any worse than following a sloth into battle.
Aug 24Trystine has been working very hard on this.
Aug 23Anansi had a hand in Glorp’s destiny, so that’s probably true.
Aug 20Glorp might not be old enough to have understood that reference.
Aug 19The tadpole council did not like the “blood from the eyes” story.
Aug 18I’d love to have a magic tadpole around, personally.
Aug 17Comedy briefly thought about moving, but the moment has passed.
Aug 16Manea likes to drink unmarked potions. It’s a hobby.
Aug 13Chompers is going to sleep like a log tonight.
Aug 12He should really do that over a sink.
Aug 11Actually, Manea getting ANY job would be notable.
Aug 10Surprised and disgusted.
Aug 9Manea is bad at making up for things.
Aug 6Chompers is typecast.
Aug 5They don’t need another thing to fight over, really.
Aug 4The skinless community is underrepresented here.
Aug 3Manea has a very specific definition of “existence.”
Aug 2A lot of weird games make it consoles nowadays.
Jul 30Historically speaking, it probably involved swords. Or a death ray, maybe.
Jul 29He seethes with the best of ’em.
Jul 28I don’t care how small octopuses can get, that must be uncomfortable.
Jul 27This is not the relationship Dick thought it was.
Jul 26There are dirty footprints all over Dick’s psyche now.
Jul 23Dick doesn’t have a lot of use for stubborn pride.
Jul 22Dick examines his life just enough to survive it.
Jul 21Statistically speaking, he’s probably a bird.
Jul 20Dick unwittingly recognizes another Joker parallel.
Jul 19Sleeper Hold single-handedly ends storyline.
Jul 16So that’s fine.
Jul 15C-minus worldbuilding.
Jul 14There were too many people at this summoning.
Jul 13Imps have terrible senses of humor, anyway.
Jul 12Jump Start has a problem.
Jul 9Maybe their puns have just gotten better.
Jul 8Jump Start is only ominous in serious ways.
Jul 7Manea that’s not even a little how fire works.
Jul 6Dick takes metaphorical injuries very seriously.
Jul 2It amounts to the same thing.
Jul 1Nobody’s favorite movie genre should be buddy comedy.
Jun 30I don’t think Bloodwing appreciates the amount of work that went into that curse.
Jun 29Nimmo is merciless.
Jun 28Baba would never do that. It would mean she’d be outnumbered.
Jun 25Manea doesn’t even always HAVE motives.
Jun 24Friggin’ horse missed the whole dang war!
Jun 23Magic oats make pretty good cereal, though.
Jun 22Leonard better be careful.
Jun 21Yont makes up the worst games.
Jun 18Yont has forgotten whatever it is he regrets.
Jun 17Trucky is insufferable.
Jun 16Baba thinks about evolution a lot these days.
Jun 15Nimmo has one vice.
Jun 14Winning an argument is not good enough reason to have to see August.
Jun 11It’s not great, getting notes from someone who can’t talk.
Jun 10Chompers is an innovator in aviation technology.
Jun 9Really throwing a wrench into his self-actualization.
Jun 8“Not one of my more inspired prophecies, I admit.”
Jun 7“Put some flour in, I guess? Look, your guess is as good as mine.”
Jun 4This is another of those moments that would be disturbing in any other art style.
Jun 3Not that they needed any more motivation to stay home.
Jun 2I think, like global warming, it’s everyone’s problem.
Jun 1Good thing she’s wearing black.
May 28Backtalking gods is the bravest thing Rick does on a regulars basis.
May 27Rick set himself up for that one.
May 26The good news is fruit is comparatively easy to nurse into the world.
May 25Actually, he’s laid himself bare already.
May 24It’s good to have plans for your afterlife.
May 21He probably will.
May 20Rick’s pretty sure the end of the world happens to everyone.
May 19Persephone is an expert at such questions.
May 18Roux knows when to jump ship.
May 17Nimmo is willing to utilize the genetic lottery.
May 14“Politely” might be a relative term here.
May 13It’s not worth contemplating the kinds of things they talk each other into.
May 12Nimmo’s more of a big picture person.
May 11That bird knows too much.
May 10The real tragedy is feeling constantly overwhelmed.
May 7You gotta be careful with metaphors.
May 6Trystine’s still mad that Turquoise never took her advice.
May 5Manea finds people easier to deal with once driven mad
May 4This will be an important lesson in espionage.
May 3And he did. With the fan on.
Apr 30Chompers might be able to fold reality, for all anyone knows.
Apr 29To be fair, she did that in Baba’s house, too.
Apr 28It’s not bragging; everyone just NEEDS to know.
Apr 27It’s good to acknowledge absurdity, lest it become too commonplace.
Apr 26“Health” is kind of a nebulous concept to Adorable Zombie Head, but chipper he continues to be.
Apr 23Oryx kindly makes this confrontation dialogue-only.
Apr 22She’s grown accustomed to his moon face.
Apr 21Now that Dick and Sadness are outed as brain-buds, he gets access to her terrible power again!
Apr 20Bloodwing does not have the temperament for negotiation.
Apr 19Leave it to the evil owl to look at the dark side of things.
Apr 16Manea can’t handle long board games.
Apr 15The moral of this story is don’t put evil artifacts on your head.
Apr 14Has Bloodsport been drinking gasoline lately?
Apr 13“That is our thing!”
Apr 12Spicy: an adjective commonly used to describe crowns.
Apr 9Dick been working toward this for years.
Apr 8Dick has insulted so many people with what should have been his last breath.
Apr 7Doctor Science is going to be so mad that he broke that arm again.
Apr 6It’s not an amazing riddle, but it’s not bad for a power play.
Apr 5Good thing he knows better.
Apr 1Turns out even low-class villains can kill you.
Mar 31There’s really only one easily-referenced hologram in pop culture.
Mar 30Dick calls the trading card people once a week.
Mar 29Pretty good ability for an awkward person to have, though.
Mar 26Blood moves through Bloodwing’s body because he commands it.
Mar 25Correction: you can never have too many invisible friends.
Mar 24Two people floating in your living room like a couple of weirdos.
Mar 23Dick is very conscientious in communicating with his mortal enemies.
Mar 22It’s probably fine. Baba learns from her mistakes, generally.
Mar 19Edgar always has to put up with this.
Mar 18He should stay away from children, probably.
Mar 17Rick’s brain just touched a hot iron.
Mar 16And to think she left someone behind back there.
Mar 15They think I’ll break first, but I’m calling their bluff.
Mar 12That mouse was her friend! That she enjoyed trying to kill.
Mar 11You can tell because he said “how dare you” twice.
Mar 10Every day an adventure.
Mar 9Oryx needs this.
Mar 8It’s the one bodily fluid he still has.
Mar 5Chase that dream, Tragedy.
Mar 4“We did not need to spend a week on this.”
Mar 3Manea’s winning them back, one at a time.
Mar 2Chompers is used to cleaning up everyone else’s mess.
Mar 1Well! That was casually hurtful.
Feb 26Manea is a terrible pet owner.
Feb 25“He’s making us look bad.”
Feb 24Manea’s life has a killer soundtrack.
Feb 23“Moments.” Sure.
Feb 22Just noshing on ants, as is his wont.
Feb 19Anatomically, it could be anything.
Feb 18Technically, she’s not that tall.
Feb 17“Well, you didn’t say ‘please.'”
Feb 16Doctor Science: pretty judgy.
Feb 15“Busy” is still an applicable term in this context.
Feb 12He could certainly model stockings.
Feb 11She can get wifi on tomato bisque.
Feb 10The bears were into it, though.
Feb 9It’s hard to play under those sheets they wear.
Feb 8A bundle of fun, those two.
Feb 5Because she’s a hologram, is why.
Feb 4Evelyn should be more careful with her color scheme.
Feb 3Dick enjoys being rude during magical moments of sublime happiness.
Feb 2Her brother’s eyes didn’t used to be on fire.
Feb 1It could happen to anyone.
Jan 29Dick has led an amazing life. Some of it in space.
Jan 28Evelyn likes to play with fire.
Jan 27Evelyn briefly forgot how to be polite from the stress of the situation.
Jan 26Luckily, mind-based water has fewer currents.
Jan 25Welp, Evelyn killed Dick. That’s big “new protagonist” energy.
Jan 22Carmen has the ability to turn invisible and never have to watch her head.
Jan 21We’re all rude here.
Jan 20Streak is concussed to deal with this.
Jan 19Unconvincing stage play. I can totally see the strings.
Jan 18Dick isn’t in the mood to have a team-up with a ghost themed hero.
Jan 14Yont has a bunch of those muffin baskets on standby.
Jan 13Manea has largely been kept away from the kids of the cast for a reason.
Jan 12Horses: specist?
Jan 11MAYBE Shadow Master could conquer Earth, but he could never defeat Space Pope.
Jan 8Streak is doing very little superheroing right now.
Jan 7Careful what you wish for, I guess.
Jan 6Damn, now I’ll need to figure out what Bloodwing is up to.
Jan 5Manea loves long receipts.
Jan 4Roux has chowed down on so many spiders.
Jan 1Fate has never not been a dick, but now more so.









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