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Feb 26Manea is a terrible pet owner.
Feb 25“He’s making us look bad.”
Feb 24Manea’s life has a killer soundtrack.
Feb 23“Moments.” Sure.
Feb 22Just noshing on ants, as is his wont.
Feb 19Anatomically, it could be anything.
Feb 18Technically, she’s not that tall.
Feb 17“Well, you didn’t say ‘please.'”
Feb 16Doctor Science: pretty judgy.
Feb 15“Busy” is still an applicable term in this context.
Feb 12He could certainly model stockings.
Feb 11She can get wifi on tomato bisque.
Feb 10The bears were into it, though.
Feb 9It’s hard to play under those sheets they wear.
Feb 8A bundle of fun, those two.
Feb 5Because she’s a hologram, is why.
Feb 4Evelyn should be more careful with her color scheme.
Feb 3Dick enjoys being rude during magical moments of sublime happiness.
Feb 2Her brother’s eyes didn’t used to be on fire.
Feb 1It could happen to anyone.
Jan 29Dick has led an amazing life. Some of it in space.
Jan 28Evelyn likes to play with fire.
Jan 27Evelyn briefly forgot how to be polite from the stress of the situation.
Jan 26Luckily, mind-based water has fewer currents.
Jan 25Welp, Evelyn killed Dick. That’s big “new protagonist” energy.
Jan 22Carmen has the ability to turn invisible and never have to watch her head.
Jan 21We’re all rude here.
Jan 20Streak is concussed to deal with this.
Jan 19Unconvincing stage play. I can totally see the strings.
Jan 18Dick isn’t in the mood to have a team-up with a ghost themed hero.
Jan 14Yont has a bunch of those muffin baskets on standby.
Jan 13Manea has largely been kept away from the kids of the cast for a reason.
Jan 12Horses: specist?
Jan 11MAYBE Shadow Master could conquer Earth, but he could never defeat Space Pope.
Jan 8Streak is doing very little superheroing right now.
Jan 7Careful what you wish for, I guess.
Jan 6Damn, now I’ll need to figure out what Bloodwing is up to.
Jan 5Manea loves long receipts.
Jan 4Roux has chowed down on so many spiders.
Jan 1Fate has never not been a dick, but now more so.









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