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Dec 5Trystine got into comics so she could better pick on her friends.
Dec 2I wonder what the copay is for a demon therapist.
Dec 1Roux is being extremely patient today.
Nov 30A good arm wouldn’t come off that easily.
Nov 29Yont curses destiny at every opportunity.
Nov 28Rick remembers like three things.
Nov 24This would be an ignoble end for ol’ Yont.
Nov 23I do not appreciate her pointing out the lack of background.
Nov 22This is how Baba deals with stress.
Nov 21They never listen.
Nov 18Does it count as abdication when you’re 874th in line?
Nov 17If Baba doesn’t vent some of this frustration, someone is losing a limb.
Nov 16Manea is getting really into this jam sesh.
Nov 15Rick’s friend group has a monopoly on vexation.
Nov 14Nimmo will fight a mammoth on his own, he just doesn’t want to.
Nov 11Manea is really adding to the “hellscape” description.
Nov 10Rick keeps not dying, which is an experience that will eventually mellow you out.
Nov 9No. I have decided not.
Nov 8That was never up for debate.
Nov 7I guess Tragedy got better use of his tongue between panels one and four.
Nov 4They know an inciting action when they see it.
Nov 3It wasn’t even fun rude, like usual.
Nov 2Seems straightforward to me.
Nov 1She probably watches all those Hallmark Christmas movies.
Oct 31And the best part of magical phobias is that it’s impossible to tell whether or not they’re irrational!
Oct 28This is actually what all ghost chain sounds are.
Oct 27Dick has never seen a live T-rex, and that’s a crime.
Oct 26She just sprints toward that “brief excitement,” huh?
Oct 25Hopefully she likes storms.
Oct 24Now he has to find his own distractions? Lame.
Oct 21Fewer lions than is traditional, though.
Oct 20Revenge is inherently unhealthy, anyway.
Oct 19Not having hands is Bloodsport’s excuse for everything.
Oct 18Oryx smiles through his potential tears.
Oct 17Glorp finds this all very sweet.
Oct 14I guess we’re all ignoring that alien thing, then.
Oct 13When all you have is the power of friendship, everything looks like a friend.
Oct 12Honestly, it would explain a lot.
Oct 11It’s good to know where you stand with the ghost pile.
Oct 10Correction: that amulet appears to have been pretty cursed.
Oct 7“This, right here? This is why you need to keep out of my stuff.”
Oct 6That talisman is full of badass ghost mercs.
Oct 5You know, if you’re lucky.
Oct 4The power of friendship is pretty weird.
Oct 3That, or this is the curse.
Sep 30Coincidentally, all food Tryst tries to eat will now burst into flame.
Sep 29The context clues are important.
Sep 28That sounds like a good way to get diseases.
Sep 27That was probably a good idea, anyway.
Sep 26The best enemy is a dumb enemy.
Sep 23This is one of the many ways Yont is bad with money.
Sep 22People really dodged a bullet, there.
Sep 21Or maybe there’s just a shark outside.
Sep 20It’s catchy.
Sep 19What does a good idea look like? Probably not this.
Sep 16Poor Shadow Master. He’d have been better not knowing.
Sep 15“Nearly human” is an enviable amount of human to be.
Sep 14Mecha Mistress probably has missiles.
Sep 13Being human is a pain. No wonder owls are better at it.
Sep 12Bloodwing’s best friend is blood.
Sep 9It’s weird that he can sweat.
Sep 8Lord Downy is an amazing hype man.
Sep 7The owl adds gravitas.
Sep 6They went to the aquarium, thanks for asking.
Sep 5Bloodwing was not ready for this revelation.
Sep 2I refuse to look it up, on principle.
Sep 1Worth the risk.
Aug 31Sometimes, friends are just the ones that will put up with you.
Aug 30In some ways, Rick is still in that kitchen.
Aug 29“And reading is fundamental!”
Aug 26Oryx doesn’t trust good days. On those days, the owls come.
Aug 25Destroying the world is profitable. In the short term.
Aug 24Connoisseurs of moments of silence, presumably.
Aug 23I don’t think the DSM tends to take gods’ input on their decisions.
Aug 22Does the tree have eyes? It seems like pertinent information.
Aug 19Nimmo lives dangerously.
Aug 18Guys, stop reminding people of comics with good art.
Aug 17First time its saved anyone outside of a trolley.
Aug 16It’s a good thing Doctor Science studied the classics.
Aug 12It has been a long day for Doctor Science.
Aug 11I often shoot lightning when I’m not thinking clearly.
Aug 10It’s rude to bring a gun to a superhero fight.
Aug 9Marea learned in college not to rush toward a lecture about Kant.
Aug 8Marea hasn’t fully relaxed in years.
Aug 5She’s got copious notes on this.
Aug 4Doctor Science is very tired.
Aug 3Dick actually loves for villains to get distracted by their own brilliance.
Aug 2Dick should really be directing that snark away from his allies.
Aug 1Doctor Science didn’t get to where he is today by admitting things.
Jul 29Doctor Science just remembered that he hates talking about feelings.
Jul 28She sure gave up on that moral truth thing pretty fast.
Jul 27Dick’s leaning into the chaos in the way only a part-octopus can.
Jul 26Oryx hates having to talk to people and hates that it helps.
Jul 25It’s kind of a mean-spirit question, anyway.
Jul 22Aphrodite likes being looked at and hates being seen.
Jul 21That does not seem like a fun game.
Jul 20The math checks out.
Jul 19“I don’t like agreeing with you. It’s concerning.”
Jul 18But it GET RESULTS.
Jul 15Police officers, for instance.
Jul 14Tryst and Oryx both share a powerful urge to protect the baby.
Jul 13Tryst was bang on with that metaphor.
Jul 12Third time’s the charm: that’s a series wrap on Lord Downy.
Jul 11Tryst privately thinks she’d be a great force ghost.
Jul 8Every Friday from now on will feature Lord Downy being ominous.
Jul 7Oh, whatever, Downy. Like you’re not a cliché.
Jul 6It’s happened before.
Jul 5There’s nothing more annoying than a sloth who’s right.
Jul 4Oxygen is overrated.
Jul 1That’s a big whoopsie.
Jun 30The juggling might make things worse, actually.
Jun 29Lightning powered punches are legitimately very cool.
Jun 28The dream spider usually just talks about life, but sometimes it tries to eat her.
Jun 27Max is a buzzkill.
Jun 24You never see interplanar politics play out in real time.
Jun 23If you needed to read the book to make the reference, the discourse might be better.
Jun 22Wrote this while my cat stared at a grasshopper.
Jun 21“Science teacher” might be the most unforgiving job in this world.
Jun 20Adorable Zombie Head has great reserves of passion.
Jun 17You fight a lot of d-listers on weekdays.
Jun 16There are probably worse ideas, but it’s hard to imagine what they could be.
Jun 15And then everything exploded.
Jun 14Tadpoles can be happy. They’re like dogs that way.
Jun 13Unrelated argument: all times are times of chaos.
Jun 10Consequences are a foreign language to Yont.
Jun 9Man, there better be a punchline tomorrow.
Jun 8It’s a small step from mail fraud to necromancy.
Jun 7Glorp has a lot of people who want what’s best for him.
Jun 6Damn, that galactic domination stuff would have been a good story hook.
Jun 3Baba would have expected this from Hell.
Jun 2Oh. Just those.
Jun 1Tryst didn’t see it coming, either.
May 31Tryst is always ready to quickly swaddle someone.
May 30This is why owls generally don’t go on heads.
May 27Heck, he’ll even provide an alibi.
May 26Tryst tries very hard to be a bad influence, actually.
May 25It’s more of a six in one hand, half-dozen in the other situation.
May 24Oryx would much rather talk to Nimmo than Downy.
May 23It’s been the kind of day when things happen.
May 20They’re gonna get ice cream.
May 19He’s been like this all week.
May 18Baba refuses to envy anything about Downy.
May 17Definitely a good idea.
May 16They probably just tilled his gunk into the soil.
May 13Six hours is a long time, to be fair.
May 12It would provide a challenge.
May 11So that’s why she hangs around this neighborhood.
May 10And yet, still no sex appeal.
May 9Good to know that all possibilities have been considered.
May 6I think they’re like comedy shows?
May 5Yont always forgets that.
May 4That was a pretty unfair lie to tell, though.
May 3He’s here to please.
May 2It was glorious.
Apr 29That zombie was from ten year ago. RIP.
Apr 28Yont is a big fan of effect.
Apr 27Rick could stand to be a tad less easygoing in negotiations.
Apr 26Yont might want to to invest in a dictionary.
Apr 25All the best prophecies are peer reviewed.
Apr 22Asking the big questions.
Apr 21Tryst basically lives here now.
Apr 20Not being haunted just speaks to the thoughtlessness of ghosts.
Apr 19Nothing Yont does is surprising anymore.
Apr 18Dick should try saving more reporters.
Apr 15Yont is delinquent at all libraries in the tri-state area.
Apr 14They get like this, sometimes.
Apr 13There are certain advertisements a mad god may have had a hand in.
Apr 12Rick is good at pop quizzes.
Apr 11Chompers is the group’s most useful friend.
Apr 8He’s doing the unsubtle parts quite well, though.
Apr 7Secretly, Oryx is proud of how this turned out.
Apr 6There was no step two to this plan.
Apr 5This whole storyline has had some criminal overtones, and now these kids have a body on their hands.
Apr 4Glorp is being asked to consider morality at quite a tender age.
Apr 1Ice powers can be delicate! This is in the bag.
Mar 31Anyway, somebody should probably stop him.
Mar 29I’m pretty sure a good babysitter teaches combat, anyway.
Mar 28Some might say that an uncrowded finish lines signifies more of a win.
Mar 25It is the smell of shame.
Mar 24He is being a lot today.
Mar 23Let’s all hope they both forget about that.
Mar 22This has been a hectic development for unrequited love.
Mar 21Both are equally likely.
Mar 18That’s gonna be their whole weekend.
Mar 17This problem compounds when you don’t have any hands.
Mar 16Oryx is just jealous that he’s not bilingual.
Mar 15I don’t know if Baba is allowed to call anyone else dramatic right now.
Mar 14That seems like an underreaction.
Mar 11The more I think on it, the grosser this one feels.
Mar 10Technically, she never said that.
Mar 9Too human might be the wrong about of human.
Mar 8Technically, his name WAS Theo Hacker.
Mar 7There’s a lot of lost arms in the superhero universe.
Mar 3Techie is either over his crush or having some complicated emotions right now.
Mar 2Well, that was a wasted moment of weakness.
Mar 1Is it a road trip with no car or roads? One comic posits “yes.”
Feb 28HoloManea has a lot of ingrained self-esteem.
Feb 25Manea is pretty sure she should be punching androids all the time.
Feb 24Shadow Master always gets bad type matchups.
Feb 23The Techie might be holding a slight grudge over being murdered.
Feb 22I hope Doctor Science is cognizant enough to know he’s being owned.
Feb 21Turns out ignoring ghosts is emotionally healthy!
Feb 18I think he wrote a dictionary.
Feb 17Shadow Master has never won anything. It’s hilarious.
Feb 16Doctor Science is being a real comic book asshole right now.
Feb 15Dick’s not actually going to plan an intervention when he can be living his life instead.
Feb 14Fartburger just wants to be included.
Feb 11Dick is bad at humility.
Feb 10It will be hard not to call her Internet-Lass from now on.
Feb 9Has Doctor Science been eavesdropping this whole time?
Feb 8Streak is going to be really irritated to be proven so right.
Feb 7Manea is this close to losing restaurant privileges.
Feb 4Manea can teleport to wherever shenanigans are happening.
Feb 3He may well be doing this on purpose.
Feb 2Doctor Science is against magic brain octopuses. Doctor Science thinks this is reasonable.
Feb 1I guess everyone can intervene now.
Jan 31Any intervention can be a party if you work hard enough.
Jan 28A bit of unexpected continuity, there.
Jan 27Baba comes across as pretty pro-violence today.
Jan 26Don’t doubt the balloon.
Jan 25Hey, it’s only tunnels sometimes!
Jan 24He was a kite in a twister two weeks ago.
Jan 21We really have no evidence either way.
Jan 20Hint: it’s because of the tornado.
Jan 19“Also, this cat.”
Jan 18Baba chooses joy.
Jan 17It’s all they’re good for.
Jan 14You can’t choose when the music is going to move you.
Jan 13Baba knows that Tragedy is anathema to being useful.
Jan 12Adorable Zombie Head can fly, if he puts his mind to it.
Jan 11That really… took the wind out of her sails.
Jan 10Who wouldn’t?
Jan 7They should probably get in a basement.
Jan 6Short answer: he was bored.
Jan 5Winnie the Pooh probably didn’t own “blustery,” but better safe than sorry.
Jan 4There’s only a fifty percent chance he’s being facetious.
Jan 3Dick is becoming pretty comfortable with supernatural creatures in his personal space.









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