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Dec 31In this neighborhood, that could be counting down anything.
Dec 30Manea might have an unusual definition of “beautiful.”
Dec 29Nimmo wants some gams.
Dec 28Mercury: pretty frank.
Dec 25The best way to quarantine: be cursed to live in a dollhouse.
Dec 24But wait! How does Nimmo know they’re crickets!?
Dec 23He was named by Bloodsport, see.
Dec 22Somehow, this blood magic quest has resulted in blood magic!
Dec 21What’s the point of bleeding out of your eyes if you can’t be dramatic about it?
Dec 18Honestly, that’s the best news he’s received all day.
Dec 17This is definitely a good idea.
Dec 16Yeah, the spider staff could do that the whole time.
Dec 15Carrie’s never really had to negotiate before.
Dec 14There’s one thing Shadow Master cares about, and it’s fairness.
Dec 11“Add a couple explosions.”
Dec 10It’s slightly better than keeping him in a dark box.
Dec 9Carrie’s been doing a lot of eye stuff recently.
Dec 8Carrie is very good at the evil eye when she wants to be.
Dec 7Carrie has a high bar for weird.
Dec 4“Ambiguously Evil Owlet” is another great band name!
Dec 3This is all getting a little much for Oryx.
Dec 2I just like that first panel, for some reason.
Dec 1The next three comic is just repeating panels of “peep” and “glorp.” With this avant-garde approach to storytelling, I will win every possible award.
Nov 30That is some grade-A life partner passive-aggression.
Nov 26Oryx’s life went and got weird again.
Nov 25If she goes outside, she’s gonna see SO MANY bugs.
Nov 24That got dangerously meta for a second there.
Nov 23Aphrodite has probably been a good influence once, but no one’s really sure.
Nov 20Filler Art Friday: Chompers and Adorable Zombie Head Practice Magic
Nov 19Prudes just can’t get with the terrifying world of horrible body transformations.
Nov 18They have a lot of face. Too much face? Probably.
Nov 17Manic Mistress is always ready to drop some classic poetry.
Nov 16It’s a good substitute for eye of newt, is why.
Nov 13Ironically, she may be being a tad too honest here.
Nov 12It would probably give a good buzz, though.
Nov 11Taking on the issues!
Nov 10Chompers has many interests and talents.
Nov 9Off by about an hour and fifty-nine minutes.
Nov 6Manea just got excited.
Nov 5He probably doesn’t.
Nov 4Baba’s out of that game.
Nov 3Manea has never done anything wrong.
Nov 2Yont “solves” a lot of problems with single combat.
Oct 30Yont has some bad strongly-held beliefs.
Oct 29The epic conclusion.
Oct 28Nimmo’s been on a roll lately.
Oct 27You can’t feel stiff if you never move! That’s science.
Oct 26Manea is only whim to the laws of her own mind.
Oct 23Everything was sticky for weeks.
Oct 22He’s also pretty insistent about them.
Oct 21Once you start orbiting, it’s more going too far “around.”
Oct 20Therapy Cube is covered by most insurance plans.
Oct 19He’s going for an “Elton John” look.
Oct 16This is a weird dream.
Oct 15Ice-based supervillains are probably pretty useful against global warming, though.
Oct 14It sounds like “antidote,” you see.
Oct 13Maybe this is Adorable Zombie Head’s Nirvana.
Oct 12Rick is uncomplicated in that way.
Oct 9It’s tough when your name rhymes so well with “scary.”
Oct 8That’s the most I’ll be goat-milking this joke.
Oct 7Nimmo needs to go sleep this off.
Oct 6It would be safer if he stayed that way.
Oct 5Not paying royalties is pretty important.
Oct 2When all you have is a dagger, everything looks like a nerd to be stabbed.
Oct 1Yont’s using circular logic to surround them!
Sep 30Nimmo really lost momentum there.
Sep 29Nimmo was actually pretty poorly balanced like that, so this is a big relief.
Sep 28I have been in relatively few stabbing situations, but they make themselves known quickly.
Sep 25She didn’t ask, though.
Sep 23Comedy is being helpful, as usual.
Sep 22That’s because she gropes so earnestly.
Sep 21Don’t know what she expected.
Sep 18Manea is practicing stoicism.
Sep 17Yont is the main reason so few people live in this neighborhood.
Sep 16Tragedy knows the score.
Sep 15Tentacles: not that surprising, at this point.
Sep 14Got ’em.
Sep 11As the author, I take offense.
Sep 10This is Manea at her most predictable.
Sep 9Manea finds all conversation weird, for instance.
Sep 8Manea finds logic tiresome.
Sep 7To be fair, Yont’s plans are rarely not silly.
Sep 4Technically that could have been a compliment, but let’s be real.
Sep 3That was a harrowing few seconds for Baba.
Sep 2If Nimmo doesn’t cheat death every once in a while, he stops feeling alive.
Sep 1This is what we in the biz call a “tough sell.”
Aug 31The dream.
Aug 28The good news is, Manea probably won’t know what she’s doing.
Aug 27Nine years on and they’re still talking about it.
Aug 26Most of Manea’s scars are on the inside.
Aug 25It’s hard out there for a mad scientist on a mission.
Aug 24Jump Start lives in concerning ways.
Aug 21Yont doesn’t know how a lot of things happen.
Aug 20And all amazing power that that entails.
Aug 19Somebody is going to need to thoroughly clean their booth.
Aug 18Kind of a one track mind on that goddess.
Aug 17There’s not even any flowers in that tree. He’s just showing off.
Aug 14Rick’s subconscious is oddly pretty nice.
Aug 13I don’t know if the undead qualify as “animals.”
Aug 12This is the kind of thing that leads to needing a kiss from a prince.
Aug 11It was a good effort.
Aug 10Manea doesn’t get cavities.
Aug 7It’s good to laugh now and then.
Aug 6It’d be really embarrassing if it DID kill him.
Aug 5Dick’s not even really planning a fishing trip, but he’d go on one for the joke.
Aug 4Bloodsport leads a complicated life.
Aug 3This is a comedy of errors, but not for the turtle.
Jul 31As opposed to how not gross it is now.
Jul 30A big lesson from a little rat.
Jul 29Chompers cannot legally sign contracts.
Jul 28He’s not gonna, though.
Jul 27Like this, but moreso.
Jul 24No, really. Good job.
Jul 23It’s important to share interests.
Jul 22He doesn’t even have a nose!
Jul 21Doctor Science is not a good person to be incorrect near.
Jul 20You get a real boost of self-esteem when someone wants to eat you.
Jul 17Chompers appreciates the beauty beyond the fourth wall in a way others can’t.
Jul 16Technically, The Elephant Song is about a dead elephant.
Jul 15At this point, the distinction is academic.
Jul 14Regrets? He’s had a few.
Jul 13It’s a pretty low-stress way to live, honestly.
Jul 10Adorable Zombie Head is into the sight of blood.
Jul 9Why can’t I revolutionize the concept of ghost dads?
Jul 8Plus, there was the time she kidnapped a buffalo.
Jul 7Spider staff is gonna be piiiiiiissed.
Jul 6Spider staff isn’t messing around.
Jul 3Trystine’s life has had very little romantic turmoil.
Jul 2That bit was kind of a dead giveaway.
Jul 1Unless one of them is still dying, I guess.
Jun 30Filler Art: Lofi Nimmo
Jun 29“I must only use this power for good.”
Jun 26Trystine is pretty persuasive, but that’s unrelated.
Jun 25She did take that stick, though. That was rude.
Jun 24Trystine is ready to take this friendship to the next level: competition.
Jun 23Aphrodite is a master of segue.
Jun 22Well, I guess that’s a whole monster hunt just THROWN OUT.
Jun 18Aphrodite is having a fun time.
Jun 17Turquoise’s world is slowly but steadily spinning out of control.
Jun 16Aphrodite often changes the colors of rooms if they’re too close to her skin tone.
Jun 15It’s been a rough day for Nimmo’s short digestive system.
Jun 12“As well as any ones I definitely did, but can’t be traced back to me.”
Jun 11A big, green peach.
Jun 10Roux does not feel shame, so this is a largely meaningless exercise.
Jun 9Other emotions used to include: hungry, sad.
Jun 8Cross your fingers.
Jun 5He’s got the legs, but not the lungs.
Jun 4I think that’s Manea’s second not-openly-depressing song.
Jun 3And it was hilarious.
Jun 2This has been a trying time for people who can’t cook.
Jun 1“Is it a vibe I’m putting out into the world?”
May 29And he never did.
May 28Max is profoundly alone.
May 27She’s eating rocks.
May 26She also toys with them.
May 25Not very much fun to watch, though.
May 22He’s either an over or underachiever.
May 21The list would be longer, but British bears are functionally extinct.
May 20We at Inspired By True Events Dot Com do not advocate this kind of negative reinforcement.
May 19“That is slander, and you know it.”
May 18“Almost as many stupid things try to take it.”
May 15It would be disrespectful to stop now.
May 14She got bored.
May 13Story checks out.
May 12Dick keeps trying to get “trope sense” going, but it’s kind of an insufferable phrase.
May 11Dick is still determined to have fun with this.
May 8To be fair, he’s not wrong.
May 7Heroic insurance rates are pretty bad already.
May 6Dick’s having the time of his life.
May 5Not this one, though.
May 4That would be a VERY nineties direction to take this storyline.
May 1Doctor Science is losing his head over all this.
Apr 30Doctor Science is too cool to react to any of this.
Apr 29It is about to get very mid-nineties up in here.
Apr 28Take them where you can get them.
Apr 27Carrie wants to knock over a building with a punch.
Apr 24Manea has her finger on the pulse of society.
Apr 23They were not.
Apr 22No way is Baba sinking alone.
Apr 21It’s true. I’ve seen rubes move many times.
Apr 20Tragedy doesn’t brush well.
Apr 17Filler Art Friday: Zombie Hugs
Apr 16Space Pope is very passionate about reaching people.
Apr 15Spider Staff is misunderstood.
Apr 14Poor Oryx was so upbeat at the start of this storyline.
Apr 13Look at him. Plotting.
Apr 10Also: sexism.
Apr 9Possible slight overreaction.
Apr 8Pretty much exactly what the story beat called for.
Apr 7Max hasn’t walked anywhere in years.
Apr 6Filler Art: Egged On
Apr 3Obviously, yes. Powdered wigs are how you know there’s a council.
Apr 2The incarceration laws in the Cute Plane seem better when you’re not a deposed king.
Apr 1Thematically, this is a fraught situation.
Mar 31Watch yourself, Turquoise. Only the Theater Bats are allowed to bash my plots.
Mar 27Technically, *glorp* is not legally binding.
Mar 26It would be both polite and prudent to find another room.
Mar 25Carrie rolls with the punches.
Mar 24Yes and yes.
Mar 23It has been a trying few months.
Mar 20I accidentally named this file “Dosneyland,” which I think sums it up.
Mar 19Carrie knows there will be lots of chances to regret this.
Mar 18And Turquoise should probably change out of her pjs.
Mar 17The spider staff is starting to really look like a white elephant.
Mar 16Max is technically a wizard, which means he’s great at derailing conversations.
Mar 13Seems like a good way to end up stuck to a stick.
Mar 12“If it starts laying eggs, I’m out.”
Mar 11I don’t know how you live lives like theirs and still have time for video games, honestly.
Mar 10Jump Start knows too much about too many hells.
Mar 9Yont has not slept for thirty hours.
Mar 6She’s clearly making it to the world at large. As one does.
Mar 5Baba knows the game.
Mar 4…Yeah, I don’t know. I think I need her to show her work on this one.
Mar 3*One of* the songs they sing in winter.
Mar 2Any gathering of animals is ominous when you’re so used to the supernatural.
Feb 28Yont is a simple soul.
Feb 27The most respectable food on a stick is lollipops.
Feb 26Marea has already named her four snakes. They’re staying forever.
Feb 25I like to stay in on snake days, but to each their own.
Feb 24So, it turns out this cult is just bad at stuff.
Feb 21It WAS kind of heartless, but Dick’s known to be careless with tropes.
Feb 20Marea is ready to unlock her head exploding potential, please.
Feb 19Marea is good at biting. She has dedication.
Feb 18Streak has always been the unhappiest superhero.
Feb 17This rescue is going great.
Feb 14You know what they say: “madder than a hat.”
Feb 13That teapot is working hard today.
Feb 12Streak lacks whimsy.
Feb 11Cassidy knows what she wants.
Feb 10Oof. That was a harsh smash-cut.
Feb 7Those are some determined and powerful crows.
Feb 6Like the pharaohs of old, Marea is a master of denial.
Feb 5Bad time to brag about it, but.
Feb 4Oh, come on. Like Marea’s not AT LEAST as doomed.
Feb 3The upside here is that Marea’s sleeping again.
Jan 31When Manea parties, she parties pink.
Jan 30Clearly he hasn’t seen octopods going at it.
Jan 29Yont thought he’d provided a much better example than that.
Jan 28I have quite a few comics that just dunk on Aphrodite.
Jan 27Nimmo is pretty good at real swords.
Jan 24“It’s weird that we got to this point before you asked that.”
Jan 23Time to backpedal.
Jan 22Not a selling point.
Jan 21“I’m pretty sure his only friends are bodies of water.”
Jan 20Adorable Zombie Head just wants to help and make friends.
Jan 17Turns out he is having fun.
Jan 16Hades is quickly losing all trust in this situation.
Jan 15Chompers is a master of chill times.
Jan 14This is a pretty mean thing to do to someone who is always underground.
Jan 13And after he just got done telling her how important metaphor was.
Jan 10“There’s usually less gloating involved.”
Jan 9The kind of thing, but not this thing specifically.
Jan 8Hades didn’t really have a lot happening today, anyway.
Jan 7Hades can eat fried candy bars all day with no consequences.
Jan 6For all anyone knows, Charon has never washed that cloak.
Jan 3Filler Art: Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep
Jan 2Somewhere, Smokey the Bear weeps.
Jan 1You can’t stop this party (but you probably should).









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