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Dec 31Baba’s a witch. She should know these things.
Dec 30I bet, if you’re apathetic enough, memories slide right out of your head.
Dec 27This actually happens at least once a year. Tinsel is naturally occurring in zombies.
Dec 26It’s an inexpert trap, but the point is they’re learning.
Dec 25Did anyone ever take care of Yont’s reinarachnids? Probably.
Dec 24Nimmo got that bit of philosophy from Manea.
Dec 23Maybe someday, Baba will stop having such a confrontational relationship with a cat.
Dec 20“You look like Charlie Brown, but not in a litigious way.”
Dec 19Carrie’s whole deal is not that imposing.
Dec 18Madness never works in Baba’s favor.
Dec 17Getting so tired it causes a paradox is how I spend my weekends.
Dec 16So many machinations, so little time.
Dec 13“But also: what did you dip it in?”
Dec 12That goose had some divisive opinions on class sizes.
Dec 11Rick and Santa have had some bad interactions.
Dec 10“Anyone, including but not limited to, me.”
Dec 9Fake problems are nice because they rarely explode.
Dec 6Roux hates change.
Dec 5It wouldn’t be a hard one to guess, given her history.
Dec 4Carrie can get pretty motivated by procrastination.
Dec 3Yont loves flying in pure reason’s face.
Dec 2They’re just trying to goad me into a fight about The Muppet Christmas Carol.
Nov 29Filler art: Top Hat Dance Party
Nov 28Doctor Science is only helpful when it helps him in turn.
Nov 27We at Inspired By True Events do not condone such experimentation.
Nov 26Chompers probably can’t get human diseases, but that’s still gross.
Nov 25I whisper this to myself every night before bed.
Nov 22The Cute Plane has kind of a lot of ongoing problems.
Nov 21Chompers is a simple creature.
Nov 20Filler Art: Bloodsport’s Gluttony
Nov 19Oryx has low-key had a lot of character development.
Nov 18Thrud is into communing with nature and bloodlust. Thrud contains multitudes.
Nov 15Depends on which side the tadpoles are on, I guess.
Nov 14Manea, we all asked you to stop exploding people.
Nov 13Manea starts casually pushing Downy toward total ego death.
Nov 12“No take backs.”
Nov 11Manea is too classy for sanity and/or traditional morality.
Nov 8Hey, space squids have feelings too, Annette.
Nov 7Everything bad that happens is a metaphor for everything bad that has ever happened.
Nov 6Nimmo wasn’t taking this seriously, until the tentacles showed up.
Nov 5Rick has foolishly run once again into ANTICS.
Nov 4She was having so much fun, up ’til now.
Nov 1Manea does not condone Rick’s pussyfooting.
Oct 31A big hole: necessary for any evil plans in the cute plane.
Oct 30Chompers does not 100% know what’s going on, but he 100% knows what to do about it.
Oct 29Cool crime against nature, buddy.
Oct 28Chompers is a force for peace.
Oct 25It’s his most memorable feature, really.
Oct 24She’s got to defend her honor. It’s not personal unless you make it personal.
Oct 23Most things exist to entertain Manea.
Oct 22Sentient blood is one of the many things you can’t take for granted.
Oct 21Thrud is a force of nature too, but with axes.
Oct 18Lots of people make good money on the premise that the mortifying things they do are impressive.
Oct 17And then they go on a wacky road trip.
Oct 16Manea is being a real force of annoyance this storyline.
Oct 15Annette has not been gone long enough for things to be this way.
Oct 14Doing the tadpole wave is my favorite thing about any live sport.
Oct 11Thrud is the most efficient and eager exterminator you will ever meet.
Oct 10Annette is good at making uncomfortable observations.
Oct 9Oryx is half-hoping they will.
Oct 8Being mind controlled sounds really unpleasant, please do not sign me up.
Oct 7Annette’s blades can cut through anything, even Downy’s bullshit.
Oct 4Always torture with your pinkie out.
Oct 3This is not true of most political debates.
Oct 2Frankly, I don’t think I’m ever going to do better than “Tarzan hosting a magic show.”
Oct 1Oryx makes bad friends.
Sep 30“Our lives are woven together in a pattern as beautiful as it is terrifying.”
Sep 26Annette does not have a good metric for “happens all the time.”
Sep 25Cut to black.
Sep 24Axes can be used to solve any problem. Or, at least, turn it into a different problem.
Sep 23Yont, Manea, maybe Chompers if he’s had a bad day…
Sep 20This is why Rick doesn’t get together with anyone he knew in high school.
Sep 19Manea should push people off things more often. It’s pretty on brand.
Sep 18She’s not wrong. They are capricious.
Sep 17There’s maybe a little baggage here.
Sep 16“Thrud” is a good example of how non-feminine old Norse words sound.
Sep 13Manea sometimes forgets how little mortals like dead people.
Sep 12Chompers doesn’t do self-pity well.
Sep 11Baba has had a pretty good couple of months.
Sep 10Other gods tend to ignore Manea until she makes them pay attention.
Sep 9Manea always wants attention, but that isn’t, like, her whole THING.
Sep 6Don’t worry about it, Nimmo. This is probably fine.
Sep 5A ton of magic does actually expire. These two have no idea what they’re talking about.
Sep 4Yont has the party house of the neighborhood, no doubt.
Sep 3I cannot find any videos of bats cleaning their feet, so for all I know, this is anatomically factual.
Sep 2Besides go to a water park.
Aug 30He’ll see the flaw in that logic after a nap.
Aug 29Not making the Hero’s Trident handicap accessible does seem like an oversight.
Aug 28Laser eyes seem so versatile on paper.
Aug 27Calling a witch potentially scary is a huge compliment.
Aug 26Like a slightly moldy Santa Claus.
Aug 23Chompers is really working for that Emmy.
Aug 22That escalated quickly.
Aug 21Oryx has actually achieved his goals for today. It’s a new and terrifying feeling.
Aug 20Joan is very proud of her daughter’s magical achievements.
Aug 19Joan has been in mortal danger while fighting with her mom. It’s called multitasking.
Aug 16That’s not what you want to see first thing out of the Underworld.
Aug 14Baba almost never gets to throw a river at someone.
Aug 13If you can’t beat ’em, throw bats at ’em.
Aug 12Baba has not gotten to let loose in at least four years.
Aug 9Virgil often maintains that they did get a great deal, considering how much Joan liked fighting the kappa.
Aug 8Hades had also hoped the tree motif would remind everyone he has a soft side.
Aug 7Joan has had a higher-than-average amount of people try to kill her.
Aug 6One panel for obligatory awe-staring.
Aug 5Spends the whole comic falling; sings about how great it is.
Aug 2Trystine has made a lot of ice and I don’t know how hard that is for her.
Aug 1To be fair, the iceberg probably can’t hurt them.
Jul 31To be fair, you can’t expect anything less from a rat king than “crazy murderer.”
Jul 30Aphrodite sure keeps dishing out that high-class comedy.
Jul 29What in a shadow goes *crunch*, I wonder.
Jul 26“The Underworld Approves” is the name of my new punk band.
Jul 25Me, too. What would I do without my silent, judgmental characters?
Jul 24Pretty sure Annette died in that dress, so yeah.
Jul 23Virgil doesn’t really pull off that dress. Maybe it’s his big head.
Jul 22It’s probably a bad idea to anger either of these two.
Jul 19There’s a story behind that fire thing.
Jul 18Prism Girl Trystine: master of gallows humor.
Jul 17Trystine does one thing, and she does it well.
Jul 16Probably best not to question an unexpected rescue, on general principles.
Jul 15Oh, okay. That one.
Jul 12Especially around the eyes.
Jul 11Even if Manea got a tombstone, there’s no way this guy would be put in charge of ordering it.
Jul 10And it’s red! The most ominous shade of lighting.
Jul 9This comic does in no way endorse shotgunning some asprin.
Jul 8Dual Personalities had to change broadcast locations after the last raid.
Jul 5Virgil was planning on dying from some sort of ice cream overdose.
Jul 4Carrie can cremate a fellow human in milliseconds.
Jul 3That rat and zombie are ruining pj day.
Jul 2It’s all coming together now. I guess.
Jul 1Oh, good. Rats. That’s what this comic was missing.
Jun 28A bold claim, when you consider the context.
Jun 27Tragedy is very into self-loathing, so this works out, anyway.
Jun 26Tryst sure had a lot of follow-up questions. Slumber parties are complicated.
Jun 25“And then you would avenge me, obviously.”
Jun 24Hopefully after many cleanings.
Jun 21Manea at her most unreasonable can drive you mad with a look. Cruel? Yes. But also: fun.
Jun 20Not the most revealing revelation, possibly.
Jun 19There’s a very good chance that TV is ruined.
Jun 18It IS a bad idea for demons to have your signature, if you’re wondering.
Jun 17Manea also specializes in madness, but this is a logical point, which she is immune to.
Jun 14Manea is having a good time in her own right, though. Lost souls love her.
Jun 13Kind of seems like Baba SHOULD have called a mortal, but here we are.
Jun 12Yes, Baba has contacts in Hell. She doesn’t need to be told what a bad idea that is.
Jun 11But Hades was not cool.
Jun 10Manea just loves that long-dead gossip.
Jun 7Baba has no respect for the lords of the Underworld.
Jun 6“None of my other friends do this. Why do you think that is?
Jun 5Nimmo is an amazing judge of music.
Jun 4It’s for the best. The devil can’t cook.
Jun 3Manea is very literal, apart from the many times that she’s not.
May 31Look at his little hat, Yont. That ship has sailed.
May 30“If only there were a way to get slightly fewer people to hate us.”
May 29Two or more is the rule for explosions.
May 28Hint: It’s more than you think should be possible.
May 27The Streak and Dick usually get some bickering in before noon. It’s good for the soul.
May 24She can do that for hours.
May 23Tragedy will now become enraged by other people’s stupidity.
May 22None of those “play it by ear” enemies in these parts.
May 21It is an excellent idea to avoid those who you’ve set on fire.
May 20Because Chompers hates planes.
May 17Oh, she’s definitely taking that staff out again. It’s important to accessorize.
May 16Downy is sure feeling chipper today.
May 15Oh, there it is.
May 14Bloodsport and Oryx occasionally allow themselves some small rebellion.
May 13Never trust a problem that solves itself.
May 10Tells you all you need to know, really.
May 9Oryx is the second most confusing person that Bloodsport is loyal to.
May 8I am also glad Carrie wasn’t killed by the evil owl.
May 7Bloodsport is chill.
May 6It was a little funny the first time, but you probably need some distance to appreciate it.
May 3“In no way” implies a level of innocence that Oryx hasn’t had since he was three years old.
May 2Oryx has never been confident, and he would be confused if he were to experience said emotion.
May 1The blood is uncomfortably close to her mouth, too.
Apr 30It’s often a literal beast.
Apr 29Downy is going through some gross, gross changes.
Apr 26You’d think something called “shadow activity” would be more subtle.
Apr 25Some days, it really hurts to have a magically enforced unpaid job.
Apr 24Marea has a breaking point, as do we all.
Apr 23They only need to do it once before it’s a problem.
Apr 22Manea is shockingly bad at making cotton candy.
Apr 19Roux did not anticipate how much she would hate this mode of transportation.
Apr 18Spidered-man can do whatever a spidered-can can.
Apr 17The spirits cannot eat ice cream, but they can appreciate it.
Apr 16Tragedy really wants to be able to unbreak an egg.
Apr 15Probably in getting the howler monkey, let’s be honest.
Apr 12Nimmo whispers insults at artificial intelligence every time he gets the tetris block he wants.
Apr 11Marea’s social media game is en pointe.
Apr 10Dick can be insufferable at times.
Apr 9Antidepressants don’t work on Marea, which is just plain not fair.
Apr 8I would argue that it is, often, not life.
Apr 5It can be pretty insulting to find out seduction is not on the table.
Apr 4Especially if your hero is a dark god.
Apr 3Sometimes being a witch has its downsides.
Apr 2The Truth Fairy is a hard person for other fairies to make friends with.
Apr 1Manes knows justice is a farce.
Mar 29Adorable Zombie Head is an unwelcome visitor in most of the places he shows up.
Mar 28If you’re reading this, congrats on doing the hardest thing in the world.
Mar 27Dick and Streak have a professional relationship.
Mar 26Nimmo might have a very slight humility problem.
Mar 25“Self-examination is a big step toward change, and we’ve established I’m not for that.”
Mar 22Chompers doesn’t notice things halfway.
Mar 21Baba is not willing to learn a lesson about how hard it is to have a big beard.
Mar 20I don’t know why Virgil was talking to a crow, but I do know that crows are intelligent birds with a lot of interesting things to say.
Mar 18The more we find out about this family, the more it feels like somebody dropped the ball.
Mar 15Carrie is actually overqualified for that job.
Mar 14“My life has been a series of mistakes and one of them will eventually kill me.”
Mar 13Max subtly calls Joan stupid, then apologizes for abandoning her fifteen years ago.
Mar 12I don’t have the timeline down exactly, but that “brief moment” lasted about five years.
Mar 11Annette has plans. Big plans.
Mar 8Joan was not her best self in middle school, but which of us is?
Mar 7Annette was the kind of person to grab strange animals right off the street. She was here for a good time, not a long time.
Mar 6Joan has really pushed past her trepidation here. Would that we all had her confidence.
Mar 5I was also bored. Introducing Chompers was a way to stop things from getting stale.
Mar 4The back hair of a dragon is notoriously hard to get.
Mar 1Nimmo does not have the patience for this gig.
Feb 28Joan has been working with capable magic-users her whole life. Which was, I guess, a possibility this whole time.
Feb 27Wizard of Oz might be the most referenced piece of media in seven years of this comic.
Feb 26Nimmo is being pretty tactless for someone who never talks about his dad.
Feb 25Annette would be getting her own spinoff series if not for the serious issue of her mortality.
Feb 22It’s possible Joan has a slightly warped idea of “happy” and “sad.”
Feb 21Maximilian doesn’t do well with confrontation.
Feb 20“I don’t even know if that was a good chirrup or a bad chirrup.”
Feb 19“None of this had to happen, and I own that.”
Feb 18Roux did this for no reason other than the thrill of power.
Feb 15Filler Art: Parachuting
Feb 14Blood seems like an inefficient medium to use for poetry.
Feb 13Still seems a little high to me.
Feb 12“I have once again settled comfortably into my delusion.”
Feb 11Tragedy has some morally ambiguous goals.
Feb 8They refused to pass the soap.
Feb 7Yont has never “doubted” before. He doesn’t like it.
Feb 6This would turn out to be the wrong question.
Feb 5He did almost die a couple times, but swords were barely involved at all.
Feb 4Dick’s sarcasm became classified as a superpower when he continued heckling an evil hypnotist no matter how much his mind got scrambled.
Feb 1Chompers actually destroyed the drill. No good would come from having it in the house.
Jan 31“You can hit somebody with it, I dunno.”
Jan 30Hands up, who here would chase a giant spider literally anywhere? Not I, said the fly.
Jan 29Bloodsport was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Jan 28Bloodsport did not expect today to be so much fun.
Jan 25Anansi lost track of Roux as soon as it was narratively convenient.
Jan 24Costumer Service Golem did not take into account the fact that breaking into someone’s house might be unsettling.
Jan 23Anansi already has big plans for that box.
Jan 22There are a lot of stories that would be ruined by looking for Anansi too hard.
Jan 21Customer Service Golem has been carrying a box on his head for three weeks.
Jan 18That seems unnecessarily–but not unsurprisingly–petty.
Jan 17That’s pretty high praise from a trickster god.
Jan 16Stray cats are responsible for the extinction of at least eleven species. Roux roaming around could have serious long-term ecological consequences.
Jan 15That’s some bad looking soup, Baba.
Jan 14Turquoise is participating in this storyline under protest.
Jan 11Anansi loves messing with people. As do all godlike beings, and most ducks.
Jan 9Not the most reassuring answer.
Jan 8Nimmo is not above divulging state secrets to get some attention.
Jan 7It seems unlikely that Downy could pull that move off, but I bet he’d try.
Jan 4Chompers also put out that sun. Chompers and his many extinguishers have been busy.
Jan 3“This is how I see the next year, and the rest of my life, going.”
Jan 2I’m pretty sure it’s impossible for smoke to burn, but Manea cares little for physics.
Jan 1There’s not one reason, really. It’s a reaction to a pattern of behavior.









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