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Dec 31You have to imagine this panel as incredibly loud.
Dec 28A deceptively brief amount of time, really.
Dec 27Manea has been in a creative slump lately. Manea is trying her best.
Dec 26“I don’t know what orphans would want with a framed picture of all our friends, but it seemed to make them happy.”
Dec 25Chompers is trying his best, but those trees are really getting past him.
Dec 24Adorable Zombie Head has been picking up Rick’s slack, somehow.
Dec 21Chompers is excellent in emotionally charged situations.
Dec 20Marea does an impeccable Doctor Science impression.
Dec 19The Theater Bats have not commented on Hades’ new robe because they’re bad friends.
Dec 18The police raid on that underground German version of “The Price is Right” was emotionally scarring.
Dec 17He has a point. Might as well keep pulling this plot thread until next week.
Dec 14Tragedy is a martyr.
Dec 13There are a lot of gods out there too busy to start counting stars.
Dec 12They did say Underworld, in fact.
Dec 11The dressing room has M&Ms and everything.
Dec 10Don’t know what they thought was going to happen.
Dec 7Yont is protective of his reading time, and I can respect that.
Dec 6Am I a little bit proud of “relative strangers?” Sure am.
Dec 5Grok the irony of two obviously codependent beings having this conversation.
Dec 4What if his answer is five minutes of engaged silence? Because that’s what she’s getting.
Dec 3Doctor Science is going through a major life change.
Nov 30See? Told you he loves bunnies.
Nov 29Is it a perfect metaphor? Yes.
Nov 28Seems like she should just start locking her door.
Nov 27Chompers loves bunnies.
Nov 26Gonna be staying up all night, thinking about stomach rocks.
Nov 23If they fight about real things, the world could end.
Nov 22Carrie could make a fortune charging millionaires for this service.
Nov 21Rick is really not going to like Nimmo’s next project: a sculpture made entirely out of spikes.
Nov 20Riddle me this: the rich are criminals.
Nov 19Nimmo is wearing a second eye patch over his other eye. Nimmo believes in commitment to a role.
Nov 16This is a huge letdown for Yont, a man with some seriously warped expectations.
Nov 15And she already got so much done today! (vis-a-vis hornets)
Nov 14Great. Now we’ll never know where that conversation was going.
Nov 13As the prophecy foretold.
Nov 12This seems like an unnecessary rivalry to have.
Nov 9Aaaaaaaand storyline over.
Nov 8Manea is double-fisting that toast like a maniac.
Nov 7Maybe if he stopped being completely insufferable for two seconds.
Nov 6Stealing a beard represents the longest con Manic Mistress is willing to do.
Nov 5She had this whole thing planned, it was gonna be great.
Nov 2Joan has so many problems that she’s successfully somewhat mitigated.
Nov 1Make it weird? It’s just one friend crying on another to heal his burned eyes! A situation literally impossible to vilify.
Oct 31Not much of an explanation, really.
Oct 30That’s kind of a badass thing to have a tombstone, if you think about it.
Oct 29Disgust is evil, anthropomorphic gas. He’s not going to smell great.
Oct 26Bloodwing is still working on “sincerity.”
Oct 25Bloodwing has the kind of intimate knowledge of this mucus that you can only get by having some enter your cloaca.
Oct 24Gangsters have tried to murder Joan. She was just better than them.
Oct 23“I’ve met ghosts, and she would definitely become one to haunt me.”
Oct 22“My entire life has a sudden and painful renewed sense of urgency!”
Oct 19What would Jump Start even do with someone’s kid? Regret stealing them, I’d imagine.
Oct 18“Being important is much more difficult.”
Oct 17I don’t know if divinity and car parts are interchangeable in that way.
Oct 16Livers are really the one organ you don’t want to half-ass.
Oct 15Rick was not adequately warned about Doctor Science’s new look.
Oct 12Superhero universes are rife with dramatic irony.
Oct 11Jump Start has more fun with the people who at least consider selling their siblings to a demon-witch.
Oct 10The Space Pope was created when an astronaut and a pope went through a teleporter at the same time.
Oct 9Believe it, baby.
Oct 8I don’t think Joan has ever fought actual demons. This is a big day for her.
Oct 5Bloodwing has a lot of shit to sort. Most of it is blood or blood-related.
Oct 4Dick might be minimizing just how much of jerk he was here.
Oct 3Rick should appreciate how rare it is to get friendly advice from someone who openly admits to being evil.
Oct 2That’s a hard thing to prove, though.
Oct 1“It’s in that blue building. Anything else you see is irrelevant.”
Sep 28“Our sister is right there. Don’t talk about the times we were screwed.”
Sep 27Oscar Wilde doesn’t exist in the superhero universe either, so Dick has a lot of great quotes to plagiarize.
Sep 26This family reunion/costume party is going great so far.
Sep 25Semi-benevolence is the most we can expect from anyone, really.
Sep 24Tarzan is a an expert in close-up magic.
Sep 21This is not the first time Joan has crossed dimensions.
Sep 20Yont is comfortable enough in his masculinity to have a list of women he’s afraid of.
Sep 19Nimmo doesn’t have that Sherlock Holmes hat for nothing.
Sep 18If it was a contest Joan would win, which is why she’s not bothering to make it one.
Sep 17Being fair to Joan, she does know a thing or two about mortal danger.
Sep 14You can’t go home again. Without a lot of blood involved.
Sep 13Boy howdy Chompers has a weird biology.
Sep 12Of the cast of this comic, Rick would probably make the worst vampire king.
Sep 11All right, some actions are more fathomable than others.
Sep 10Bees represent a hopeful future. No pressure, bees.
Sep 7One of those qualities is not having legs.
Sep 6Tragedy has a point, which says something about his quality of life.
Sep 5Chompers, being the only one here who has experienced time non-linearly, wisely stays silent.
Sep 4Super intense stuff. Trust me.
Sep 3He’d actually prefer a pizza.
Aug 31Sharing is caring.
Aug 30Baba is asking the wrong question.
Aug 29Some of the ripples of Romeo and Juliet have been really weird and bad, but that’s just the way the game is played.
Aug 28Spectacularly bad ideas are another one of Manea’s things.
Aug 27Good to see these two are doing well, I guess.
Aug 24It’s almost like she has a problem with her friend calling her home a dump.
Aug 23This theory has not been peer reviewed.
Aug 22Every time Shadow Master remembers he can be foiled by the act of flipping a light switch, he dies a little inside.
Aug 21I don’t know if that’s true, but it certainly didn’t hurt.
Aug 20“If they were going to eat us, they would have done it already.”
Aug 17Aphrodite has never been to the Underworld, but if it was a cool place to be, she’d be there now.
Aug 16Manea would be a great assassin if she could remember about actions and consequences.
Aug 15It might be me, but that seems like a pretty unpleasant brunch.
Aug 14Aphrodite lives in a castle in the clouds on top of a big mountain, but that’s kind of a mouthful to say.
Aug 13Aphrodite has made a miscalculation.
Aug 3Picking up a tiger is among the sexiest things you can do.
Aug 2Aphrodite is not a martial goddess.
Aug 1It’s irrational to fear spiders. It’s very rational to fear Anansi.
Jul 31You know, I’m not sure Shadow Master has the screen presence to be in a comic alone.
Jul 30Aphrodite loves slushies. This will never come up again.
Jul 27Aphrodite’s hair might be a little too much, but some would say that fits her perfectly.
Jul 26It’s a character flaw that’s been brought up before.
Jul 25Certainly not a dangerous pair to have together.
Jul 24And they did.
Jul 23“Oh, good. I was worried it might be something I didn’t want all over my floor.”
Jul 20That’s a rare moment of self-assessment.
Jul 19He’s not missing out on much, frankly.
Jul 18“There was a line, and she crossed it. The line was on my face.”
Jul 17Bloodsport is spoiled.
Jul 16Oryx is at the “death threats” stage. Everyone who has been around Downy goes through it.
Jul 14Both Downy and the king deserve what’s happening to them.
Jul 13*Glorp* is also the sound the king will make when he eats Downy.
Jul 12This is not the first time someone has tried to eat Downy, and it won’t be the last.
Jul 11I can’t even comprehend how bloodsport could help with that.
Jul 10Every conversation with Downy is a warning sign for at least three personality disorders.
Jul 9Either is equally likely.
Jul 6He was trying to use his nose like an elephant does.
Jul 5There are quite a few sky gods who are not thrilled about Manea being so close to them.
Jul 4I’m sure they’ll get up eventually.
Jul 3Keeping it classy here at inspired by true events dot org.
Jul 2This is true for anyone who dies in another dimension. You’ve been warned.
Jun 29“Lots of cute things eat poop, actually.”
Jun 28Puffin volleyball is huge in the Cute Plane.
Jun 27“Five, maybe seven.”
Jun 26Carol loves good gossip.
Jun 25C’mon, be fair. It’s not like the whole dimension voted.
Jun 22They didn’t even get to monologue.
Jun 21Dick has seen a lot of ten foot vertical leaps, but mostly from people in masks.
Jun 20The best jokes can be proved mathematically.
Jun 19It’s true, I heard him.
Jun 18Carol likes you! You should like that Carol likes you.
Jun 15“Also, it wouldn’t have my dazzling personality.”
Jun 14What would Dick even do with someone else’s soul?
Jun 13Dick’s tendency to make fun of tragic backstories is why he’s not popular with the villains.
Jun 12Considering how long he spent in Hell, you’d think he’d be more careful about this stuff.
Jun 11We glossed over some pretty complicated information in panel two.
Jun 8I suddenly remembered while writing this that Dick swears at the drop of a hat.
Jun 7Barely.
Jun 6It’s not very much like a telegram at all.
Jun 5This is not going at all like The Oryx planned.
Jun 4Manea knows a thing or two about being unreasonable, so she’s a good source.
Jun 1Every success is the result of countless failures.
May 31Adorable Zombie Head heard iron is good for you. He is very literal and regrets nothing.
May 30I feel like my effectiveness is the result of a constant need to fill time with projects, personally.
May 29Roux fears nothing. Sometimes she is just wary.
May 28Then she eats all the ice cream. Nimmo doesn’t get any.
May 25It usually is.
May 24Doctor Science does not approve of Dick’s promiscuity.
May 23He’s finally got that taste for flesh!
May 22“Tell me more of the radditude of this woodland creature.”
May 21Tragedy has never received a gift without someone else feeling regret.
May 18Yont has crazy high ceilings and Chompers is gonna USE ’em.
May 17Magnets wreak havoc with techno-magic.
May 16Doki Doki Undead is a very unforgiving dating sim.
May 15Group Effort
May 14Customer Service Golem is going to be let down when he finds out Manea isn’t completely satisfied.
May 11Adorable Zombie Head likes Giant Friend.
May 10Manea was pretty sure she was good at making stuff dead.
May 9Keep your friends close, and your people with katanas closer.
May 8Being a god is knowing exactly what will set people off and doing it anyway.
May 7I often think about the fact that Joan has another brother she’s never met.
May 4Filler Art: Helizombie
May 3This does seem like an astoundingly good time to talk about feelings, actually.
May 2Nimmo’s team is stacked.
May 1Manea is most comfortable in chaos that she’s created.
Apr 30Nimmo, that is blatant waste of shurikens.
Apr 27The nature of Adorable Zombie Head’s bloodlust has, historically, been hard to pin down.
Apr 26Comedy and Tragedy pause the game when they show up. That’s why Rick’s not pulp right now.
Apr 25Then an old man spends five minutes teaching them to catch Pokemon.
Apr 24Yont doesn’t even have a game console. He just has a single, slightly cursed game.
Apr 23Being into eternal torture is pretty vanilla, actually.
Apr 20A flamethrower he’s been itching to use, no less!
Apr 19“It’s the most recent violence that’s important.”
Apr 18Adorable Zombie Head is helping!
Apr 17Two beat panels!? I’ve gone mad with power.
Apr 16Baba has suffered in silence for too long.
Apr 13Filler Art Friday: Serpent-Thing
Apr 12Rick is not built for modern gaming.
Apr 11Manea has so many delusions already, but this is one she treasures.
Apr 10Dick is not ready for this kind of commitment.
Apr 9Would that everyone had friends willing to tell them they’re wrong.
Apr 6Yont hasn’t slept in thirty-six hours.
Apr 5Manea grabs people with smoke in a mostly unconscious and always passive-aggressive gambit.
Apr 4To be fair, dogs may try to keep secrets, but they’re bad at it.
Apr 3Baba has stayed alive this long by knowing when to get outta dodge.
Apr 2Any defeat is a victory if you redefine your terms enough.
Mar 30Baba didn’t mean to speak down to these girls, she just likes to mangle famous quotes.
Mar 29Joan has had stalkers in a variety of weird get-ups, but not usually weirder than hers.
Mar 28Max messed up.
Mar 27Joan and Rick have had a very uncomfortable journey.
Mar 26Sometimes fighting a giant tiger is the best way to learn. Not usually, though.
Mar 23And one of them still should have hurt like hell.
Mar 22Seems like she probably just could have broken the icicles? No one can accuse these children of making good decisions.
Mar 21Joan wants that monocle. The ability to instantly detect robots would be very useful to her.
Mar 20Baba’s still pretty sure this sloth is going to kill her.
Mar 19The trap doesn’t work if you’re faster than the spring.
Mar 16She was just so excited about that portmanteau!
Mar 15If Trystine had expected this to work, she would have thought of a second step.
Mar 14This is a question that’s long plagued Baba.
Mar 13The magical monocle is able to instantly identify what is and isn’t a robot. This is one of the many perks of the magical monocle.
Mar 12I haven’t written or designed Joan’s old team, but I’m pretty sure one of them had mime powers.
Mar 9Maximilian is an integral member of the team.
Mar 8Trystine is cursed with friends too sincere to appreciate her sarcasm.
Mar 7Joan likes this costume slightly more than she likes her brother right now.
Mar 6All denizens of the Cute Plane can access hammerspace. Roux naps there.
Mar 5Baba measures all time by awkward conversations. It’s a surprisingly reliable system.
Mar 2Perhaps associating clothes and emergencies is what drove Rick to nudity in the first place. BREAKTHROUGH!
Mar 1Nimmo gets bored quickly.
Feb 28In Turquoise’s defense, fractions are pretty scary.
Feb 27Maximilian is the worst kind of anthropomorphic animal roommate.
Feb 26Tragedy isn’t afraid of your dramatic irony.
Feb 23Filler Art Friday: Flower Dance
Feb 22This is a tempered reaction.
Feb 21Roux doesn’t like this. This should not be happening to Roux.
Feb 20We’re all going to have to accept that the basilisk fight was cool.
Feb 19If you think about it, he’s showing a lot of optimism toward the future.
Feb 16Baba thinks of others.
Feb 15“I told you you couldn’t listen if you were gonna try that armchair psychology.”
Feb 14So nasty.
Feb 13Even if he really died, there was a solid chance he’d be back in four months.
Feb 12His cunning knows no bounds.
Feb 9The squirrels in the gutters, though? Those guys are asking for it.
Feb 8Manea brews some very bad tea.
Feb 7You can tell they’re friends because they’re always teaching each other stuff.
Feb 6This is called a “silent protest.”
Feb 5Comedy confirmed as anti-Lunchables.
Feb 2Filler Art Friday: Face Paint
Feb 1“You’re also magic as heck, so don’t even start.”
Jan 31Princesses are ripe for cursing.
Jan 30What does a single decomposing head do with a day out, anyway?
Jan 29Seems like a real choking hazard.
Jan 26I think you precisely that fickle, Nimmo.
Jan 25Dang, why didn’t we see that party? Dropped ball.
Jan 23“I went to some party so I’d have an excuse to make them.”
Jan 22That is a very accommodating tree wizard.
Jan 19This moment of self-reflection brought to you by bad decisions.
Jan 18“Let me tell you about all of my problems.”
Jan 17Oryx is evil, but he’s low-level evil. Like raisin cookies.
Jan 16That’s really more true for the big guy, but I’ll let them have this.
Jan 15To swim in, Rick. Come on.
Jan 12Filler Art Friday: Wizard Manea
Jan 11Attention span of a goldfish, that one.
Jan 10This is a weird family. I’m not certain anyone here is the same species.
Jan 9I Googled it and somehow there’s not already a Wizcon? Dropped ball, in my opinion.
Jan 8The Crazy Train is a real train and it is no laughing matter.
Jan 5Well, she’s not wrong.
Jan 4“I mean, we wizards,” Manea continues, incognito.
Jan 3Alcoholic wizards are…probably fine. Probably not super dangerous at all.
Jan 2Manea’s wanted to go to a wizard party for almost one whole minute now.
Jan 1Take the wins you can, imaginary readers.









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