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Dec 29Velvety and deadly.
Dec 28This is one of those lessons that can be applied to any situation.
Dec 27He’s like a wild dog that’s also a rotting human head.
Dec 26Can confirm.
Dec 25Christmas: Probably not trying to kill you.
Dec 22And somehow, he always leaves the job of untangling them to the guy with tentacles.
Dec 21“Weird how you rely on a prepubescent frog to get you out of danger” is also a poor compliment.
Dec 20Cannibalism is old news.
Dec 19Manea has no idea what victim blaming is.
Dec 18“They did help me get downstairs, though.”
Dec 15It could be both, but that asks for a certain amount of emotional complexity that I’m not sure I can deliver.
Dec 14Roux kills for sport.
Dec 13Man, if only.
Dec 12That seems like one of those “obviously doomed” projects, anyway.
Dec 11Pretty sure that’s how Nimmo hugs.
Dec 8They tied those ropes pretty impressively with those claws.
Dec 7Comedy knows exactly how much people don’t want him around. This is his best quality.
Dec 6“When I am engulfed in waterproof fire, for instance, is a bad time.”
Dec 5Everything that just happened was cold and calculated and definitely not a panicked, shameful reaction.
Dec 4And then Lord Downy died.
Dec 1Baba and Roux’s relationship has just gotten rocky.
Nov 30Strictly speaking, The Elephant Song’s not sad.
Nov 29And he was never let down again.
Nov 28Manea might be making some key assumptions about how talented unicorns are on the court.
Nov 27This is how blood feuds start.
Nov 24Manea watches everyone’s sleep patterns. Like any good friend.
Nov 23Admittedly, some projects are more important than others.
Nov 22Nimmo lives a charmed life.
Nov 21Aphrodite doesn’t understand why someone would go on a hot air balloon ride and not kiss anybody.
Nov 20It’s still four days until garbage pickup.
Nov 17Realistically, they could ask their god friend, but they probably wouldn’t like the answer.
Nov 16Inspired By A Softer World
Nov 15Manea’s body is a wonderland of horror.
Nov 14There may be a certain relationship that Downy should redefine.
Nov 13Hey, could be worse. That could be your blood.
Nov 10Any problem can be solved with lightning! Of this I am sure.
Nov 9Jamie is, in fact, starting to get bored.
Nov 8“You’ll start getting bored.”
Nov 7That flesh golem is going to die now, if that’s okay with everyone.
Nov 6Behold: the power of reading!
Nov 3If Oryx didn’t hate himself, he’d probably be dead.
Nov 2Oryx didn’t sign up for this Ninja Warrior nonsense.
Nov 1You don’t make a flesh golem for its problem solving abilities.
Oct 31You can tell this is a Halloween comic because there’s a flesh golem.
Oct 30Yont is supremely unqualified to accept this responsibility.
Oct 27What? He said wonderful!
Oct 26Fen is a coup hipster.
Oct 25Downy firmly believes in a strong scientific education.
Oct 24Downy has a modicum of power, and dang it, he’s going to abuse as best he can!
Oct 23Filler Art: Drip
Oct 20To be fair, it’s a nice couch.
Oct 19Oryx! I’d been pretty sure he died. Horribly.
Oct 18Downy’s been going through some changes.
Oct 17Manea pulls it away. It’s hilarious.
Oct 16That was actually the best night’s sleep Rick has had in a long time.
Oct 13Manea only really likes art with dead things in it, anyway.
Oct 12Not that they use any of those sites. The buzzword of social media is “social.”
Oct 11This was their whole day.
Oct 10Also the only woman in the story dies for having dreams, so that’s not great.
Oct 9She has.
Oct 6Actually, neither of them do. Chompers didn’t go to middle school, and Yont has Swiss cheese brain.
Oct 5Baba asks the important questions.
Oct 4Tragedy’s sick of not rollin’ in it.
Oct 3Hugs and helplessness! COMEDY GOLD.
Oct 2Filler Art: Smoking.
Sep 29Streak’s honesty is why he’s team leader.
Sep 28Chompers was not aware that this needed to be said.
Sep 27“I tell him symbology is stupid. He tells me to shut up.”
Sep 26Baba hasn’t had a free weekend in three years.
Sep 25“I like to keep in touch with the little people.”
Sep 22“Now I have to tell them.”
Sep 21One of Nimmo’s gimmicks is getting changed quickly.
Sep 20I have no idea the actual size of a tiger kidney. I googled it but got NOWHERE.
Sep 19True friends shoot lightning.
Sep 18KIDNEY DEVOURING! Starting the week off strong.
Sep 14Things threaten to eat Turquoise all the time. It doesn’t faze her.
Sep 13They would know. Carrie’s got a sloth on her back.
Sep 12Anansi likes his plans to have a certain amount of cosplay, in general.
Sep 11Once tigers start crawling away on spider legs, everything else seems unimportant.
Sep 8“Of course my life is terrible! Did you not hear the spider thing!?”
Sep 7Just like Elmer Fudd.
Sep 6Prism Girl Turquoise understands her limitations vis-a-vis punching tigers.
Sep 5Tiger’s den is full of Spider arms. It is SIGNIFICANTLY WORSE THAN ANANSI’S DEN.
Sep 4Anansi’s den is covered in Tiger skin. It’s pretty upsetting.
Sep 1“But no one has ever given me such a compelling reason to do so again.”
Aug 31Tragedy is being devoured by some sort of mysterious black goo and let’s face it, that’s probably fine.
Aug 30Filler Art: Shadow Tiger
Aug 29Carrie may have been a touch trigger happy here.
Aug 28Carrie and Maximilian’s relationship is based on a constant, mutual lack of respect.
Aug 25Tiger can kill children on his own. This is the worst thing about Tiger.
Aug 24Ah, simpler times.
Aug 23This particular team-up could only end well.
Aug 22The good news is, it’s almost definitely not her husband again.
Aug 21“We’ve all thought about it.”
Aug 18“Am I the villain of an eighties movie?”
Aug 17I spent an inordinate amount of time drawing a tiger’s face for my stick figure webcomic.
Aug 16“It would be polite of you to laugh.”
Aug 15Manea does not like sharing her living space.
Aug 14Anything’s a weird thing for a bird to say, technically.
Aug 11That ceiling is crazy high, you don’t even know.
Aug 9This period of time would later become known as “The Dark Ages.”
Aug 8He’s also definitely done meaner things.
Aug 7Tragedy’s definition of “accomplished” might need a little bit of work.
Aug 4This probably would have been more appropriate if he was bleeding from the eye.
Aug 3Same.
Aug 2Manea should not be allowed to go anywhere for any reason.
Aug 1Which would probably be fine. That’s a weird place for a cat to be, anyway.
Jul 31I don’t appreciate this targeted attack. Other people read this, you know.
Jul 28That’s a safe reaction.
Jul 27These are the important questions.
Jul 26The worst part is much of this is right on the button.
Jul 25Filler Art: Caged
Jul 24Mentally unstable, that is.
Jul 21Understanding things is overrated.
Jul 20“Until it was too late?” “Before your imminent doom?” No, wait! “Until you were plant food!”
Jul 19I think the hormones worked.
Jul 18“Not that you’re a person.”
Jul 17Which in turn raises some red flags about the viability of owls as roommates.
Jul 14Lord Downy does not tolerate self-preservation in his minions.
Jul 13I think that golem is negging now.
Jul 12“Perhaps the gelatin would like to buy something. We have some fresh strawberries.”
Jul 11Baba hates dead Puritans, as a general rule.
Jul 10Filler Art: Rooted
Jul 7See, it means two things.
Jul 6Manea is a tortured artist.
Jul 5“Too bad we’ve lost touch and will never know who may or may not have died.”
Jul 4I’d be really worried if Rick *didn’t* get nightmares.
Jul 3Nimmo is like a high schooler in that he has many negative opinions about the greatest English writer of all time.
Jun 30Chompers seems worried by her level of commitment to the truth.
Jun 29Manea’s just going to ride that wave of destruction for a week.
Jun 28That’s not usually considered a great start.
Jun 27He can do that whenever, though.
Jun 26These are the hazards of game night.
Jun 23“Plus he looks like the bad guy from Indiana Jones.”
Jun 22Almost.
Jun 21This prank never really had a lot of traction.
Jun 20“I shall rain death on all parades!”
Jun 19Baba counts it as a win if it’s not screaming.
Jun 16In the next panel, Chompers realizes he has a point, and hands her over.
Jun 15Sometimes Bloodsport thinks about feet. Only a monster would fault it that.
Jun 14“On the other hand, now I know what it’s like to be you.”
Jun 13Sincerity is overrated.
Jun 12“Me big sellout like that.”
Jun 9The grass is always greener outside of the wizard’s stomach.
Jun 8That’s a quantum entanglement reference for y’all. You’re welcome.
Jun 7I wonder if I’ll ever need a giant stomach again. Time will tell.
Jun 6Lord Downy just has the blood thing, and dammit, he’s going to use the blood thing!
Jun 5Tiny shark friend is also magically connected to that bag, but I don’t know how crucial that information is.
Jun 2“Every time I elbow you in the face we get one step closer to our climactic final battle!”
Jun 1Yont’s body is magical, and that’s not a good thing.
May 31Lord Downy has terrible a bedside manner.
May 30“I don’t know what I expected from that conversation.”
May 29“See, this is why I don’t like you.”
May 26Nimmo’s understanding like that.
May 25Baba has said that sentence to herself more often than she’d like to admit.
May 24Tragedy’s always low-key worried about inciting action.
May 23Tiny shark friend is as useful as he is a tiny shark.
May 22Okay, bye.
May 19Chompers is our first and last line of defense against these situations.
May 18Yont knows exactly how he’s going to die.
May 17Comics about death! This is how Peanuts got so popular.
May 16Also, Rick’s cure for boredom is board games, and Comedy isn’t feeling that right now.
May 15Tragedy has very specific ideas about how disdainful he should be at any given time. At all times, really.
May 12Chompers enjoys long bubble baths.
May 11Those ants are definitely more interesting than whatever all this is.
May 10“Guess I can really splay now.”
May 9People might like Downy more if he spent less time yelling at blood. Maybe.
May 8In contrast, Nimmo’s pretty sure Roux only likes him because he’s a giant fish.
May 5Part of Yont’s hindbrain screams whenever Chompers enters a room.
May 4Failing either of those, you can always live in denial.
May 3Manea is good at poetry because all good poetry is written by crazy people.
May 2“Making sure a giant monster double-checks your morals makes you a good person.”
May 1Every conversation Dick has with Streak makes him uncomfortable, so he’s leaning into it.
Apr 28Manea’s games end in decapitation more than they probably should.
Apr 27Nimmo is secretly very responsible.
Apr 26Nimmo keeps calm in emergencies involving some guy he don’t like very much.
Apr 25Originally Mable just had a table, but half of her fans couldn’t reach her.
Apr 24It’s entirely possible that no one on-panel has any idea what’s going on.
Apr 21How that sloth got to the front of the line is anybody’s guess.
Apr 20Filler Art: Chaz was not ready for this.
Apr 19Fen underestimates his siblings a lot.
Apr 18“It gives the impression that I have a jawline.”
Apr 17I said I’d stop thinking about The Wizard of Oz, but it turns out I lied.
Apr 14“Every moment of lucidity is a moment of pain.”
Apr 13“I thought it was because of the molting.”
Apr 12Mostly to cash in on all the merchandising Watterson never did, though.
Apr 11Baba spent a long time with very archaic views of witchcraft.
Apr 10This is another one of those comics that would be messed up with realistic art.
Apr 7Chompers has an amazing social life.
Apr 6“Once I scared the ground, but it wouldn’t let me back down.”
Apr 5It’s for schadenfreude. Comedy is simple in that way.
Apr 4“Or if it could only be traced to me in a deniable way.”
Apr 3Grabbing at that low hanging fruit today.
Mar 31That’s gonna have some small consequences.
Mar 30“Its depiction of teenagers from Kansas is pretty spot-on, though.”
Mar 29Well. That’s a damning commentary on my mental well being.
Mar 28In this comic, it’d be weird for her to actually have taken a normal mode of transportation.
Mar 27Carrie has an undeveloped sense of irony.
Mar 24Carrie privately believes she deserves a better rogues gallery.
Mar 23Downy has his limits. Like when someone makes a credible threat to eat him.
Mar 22“It was like five minutes ago.”
Mar 21Parent secrets are the most sought after secrets of all.
Mar 20The good news is she’s not a witch.
Mar 17This comic would have a very different tone if Rick had had to call Child Protective Services.
Mar 16Just normal human stuff happening over here.
Mar 15Children should really not go near any of the houses in this neighborhood.
Mar 14Rick has embraced his dimensional twin’s idea of having an emergency kilt.
Mar 13Think about it. They’re two extra holes in your head.
Mar 10“Time travel is my thing, man!”
Mar 9Rick’s nightmares are diverse and colorful.
Mar 8Going for that high-class humor today.
Mar 7Nimmo knows just enough about hair to know that this is weird.
Mar 6These questions can never, will never be answered.
Mar 3Yont was ready for this science experiment to become a party, but it wasn’t to be.
Mar 2Baba’s got a few regrets.
Mar 1“Maybe they’d be cute if they kept their mouths shut.”
Feb 28Not exactly the most uplifting goal in the world.
Feb 27Yont is capable of being self righteous for about three seconds before someone knocks him off his high horse.
Feb 24Roux’s having a good day.
Feb 23People like twenty panel long comics of mostly song lyrics, right?
Feb 22“Your best friend is literally just blood.”
Feb 21“I think it had something to do with pugs?”
Feb 20Fen’s playing the long game.
Feb 17That’s probably gonna be fine.
Feb 16Pun emergencies happen as often as regular emergencies in superhero universes.
Feb 15I’ve been waiting pretty much the whole storyline for that half-eaten brick to come back into play.
Feb 14Probably the best Valentine’s Day comic ever written.
Feb 13Manea quite enjoys her moments of lucidity. They break up the monotony.
Feb 10“Maim Slash Murder” would be a good name for a slasher flick.
Feb 9Manea may have gotten off-track at some point.
Feb 8“This is self-defense. You know, kind of.”
Feb 7It’s good to have an optimistic outlook on life when it’s about to end.
Feb 6This is how I finally kill Dick.
Feb 3Manea is willing to be anybody’s kill friend. I cannot stress enough how much she has no moral code.
Feb 2The good news is, that’s one less thing to worry about.
Feb 1Too bad The Oryx only got a name after an off-screen cameo in his third universe.
Jan 31Pretty sure this is the first incarnation of Baba to say “what a world.” Don’t know how I feel about that.
Jan 30Manea doesn’t know a lot about vampires and doesn’t care to find out.
Jan 27Satan asked for a family size bag of Fritos in exchange for Doctor Science’s soul. He’d had the munchies.
Jan 26Evil Doctor Science is looking a bit peaky.
Jan 25You might think he’s just a misunderstood tadpole, but you’d be wrong.
Jan 24“They’re basically terrifying alternate versions of us, so.”
Jan 23Manea has a very strict moral code that she can’t remember right now. Or ever, basically.
Jan 20They’ve got minerals and junk.
Jan 19Filler Art: Evil Jump Start
Jan 18Doctor Science has seen some shit.
Jan 17Stupid, but lovable!
Jan 16Lord Downy doesn’t have the time to figure out the relative strength of men.
Jan 13This is what they do with their time when not singing about being green.
Jan 12Inserting nostalgia where it doesn’t fit isn’t nearly as difficult as getting it back out.
Jan 11Manea needs to examine her weird cat-based prejudices.
Jan 10Shouldn’t have skimmed the back cover.
Jan 9“I shall have to remember that when I plan my slow, painful revenge for his rudeness.”
Jan 6Insert Title Here
Jan 5“I died majestically, I died an artist” is a great memoir name.
Jan 4Nah, I bet Chompers could run a great salon.
Jan 3“We do have to take the blame for many smaller evils.”
Jan 2Comics about death! Happy new year!









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