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Dec 30“Or a car air freshener or whatever.”
Dec 29Spoiler: Downy does not learn his lesson.
Dec 28Nobody really knows why Baba keeps making those.
Dec 27Whether or not Manea actually has a soul is a matter of some debate.
Dec 26Aunt Nancy is everyone’s favorite aunt.
Dec 23I almost forgot three of my main characters while making this. That’s where I’m at.
Dec 22One wonders when and how Bloodsport read Dickens.
Dec 21There are so many things people ask Yont to stop doing.
Dec 20Nimmo might sound braggy, but his gift giving is pretty on point.
Dec 19“It is my greatest weakness and my greatest strength.”
Dec 16“I stand corrected.”
Dec 15Nothing doing doing nothing.
Dec 14That’s at least the second time I’ve used the word “miasma” in this comic.
Dec 13Hats are good presents for superheroes because it brings the possibility of “alternate costume” toys.
Dec 12I’m not clear on the type of medical professionals Whos have. Shamans? They might have shamans.
Dec 9That dragon was a jerk.
Dec 8Filler Art: Hat Trick!
Dec 7Chompers keeps his “no” stick around just for this reason.
Dec 6Manea is expecting a rough weekend, and wants to prevent that somehow.
Dec 5Comedy’s ideal life happens to someone else.
Dec 2“My pain represents my regret.”
Dec 1This might be the best exit for any character I’ve ever written.
Nov 30They’re not wrong.
Nov 29A bunch of rabbits stuck in bubblegum like it’s amber is not very scary.
Nov 28“I set it up like it’d be funny, but it was just kind of sad.”
Nov 25Filler Art Friday: Friggin’ Rabbits, Man.
Nov 24Duchess Cottontale really took that “fought gods” thing at face value, huh?
Nov 23Those rabbits are dangerously close to becoming regular cast members.
Nov 22Nothing scary in this basement. Just a couple rabbits looking to start a hive mind.
Nov 21Rick has never been in a secret basement, but he’s pretty sure this isn’t how they usually work.
Nov 18Rabbits technically aren’t rodents, but Lord Downy doesn’t care.
Nov 17Everything sounds ominous coming from a giant rabbit. That’s just science.
Nov 15Rick is having fun.
Nov 14Tiny shark friend: your little friend with a big bite!TM
Nov 11Downy is jealous. A magical monocle would be right in his aesthetic.
Nov 10The Duchess cuts an imposing figure.
Nov 9“Count Bloodwing” was the most trustworthy name he could think of.
Nov 8That’s right. Take a long, hard look at your ridiculous names.
Nov 7At some point I’m going to spell Cottontale wrong. Keep an eye out for that, Vida.
Nov 4Lord Downy will use that money for crimes!
Nov 3Remember Nimmo’s dad, everyone? He’s the worst.
Nov 2What if Nimmo was inexplicably in the final panel of every comic from now on? World peace, I think.
Nov 1Teleport dust! I guess it’s a thing tadpoles have.
Oct 31I’m going to dub Manea and Chompers’ costumes “past mistakes.”
Oct 28Man, this is just another time that everything ends in stabbing.
Oct 27I don’t understand their games.
Oct 26Well. This seems completely safe and will definitely end well.
Oct 25“They said that about great thinkers, a title you don’t qualify for.”
Oct 24I should bookmark this as a perfect picture of their relationship dynamic.
Oct 21Gardening, psh. Neither of those two could handle that excitement.
Oct 20Pandora’s basically a more capable Rick, so Comedy’s ranking is pretty well founded.
Oct 19Gods can conceive of some really good ice cream.
Oct 18Dick has been waiting to say that for three days now.
Oct 17Manea’s darkest moments actually happen fairly frequently.
Oct 14It’s just as well. Stick figures shouldn’t be doing finger guns, in general.
Oct 13Meanwhile, in Manea’s head, she’s riding a kraken on the moon.
Oct 12Aw geez first she’s rhyming now she’s crying I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS, MANEA.
Oct 11Manea is always ready to spout some freestyle poetry. Manea’s ready for a lot of things.
Oct 10Who’s his competition? Hades? Odin? Get real, guys.
Oct 7Careful, Nimmo! That hat is questionably canon.
Oct 6Filler Art: Hero Hangout
Oct 5Manea’s happy place is not a good place to not be Manea.
Oct 4Dick’s proclivity for postcards is well documented.
Oct 3Nimmo can put on a ninja hood in no time flat. That’s a big part of being a ninja.
Sep 30Cards on the table, Chompers thought they were going to be doing something else.
Sep 29Also, you might meet an alchemist whose life is a metaphor for yours! Fun!
Sep 28His wing was broken in twelve places. It was hilarious.
Sep 27Smooth.
Sep 26This was a failed experiment. These two both hide and don’t see each other for weeks.
Sep 23Filler Art Friday: Chompers in the Rain
Sep 22It’s okay. Yesterday was pretty boring, anyway.
Sep 21Manea needed to talk to Nimmo and little things like time and space weren’t about to stop her.
Sep 20This happens at least twice a month.
Sep 19Nimmo’s pretty sure his dad wasn’t a sociopath before he put on that crown.
Sep 16It’s good for stories to have morals.
Sep 15It’s very unlikely Adorable Zombie Head is biting his eyes. Those are… kisses.
Sep 14Manea’s not concerned with suddenly being in some dude’s summoning circle. He doesn’t have to be rude about it, though.
Sep 13Dick is having fun.
Sep 12Yeah, that’s right. It was this dude the whole time. No, he still doesn’t get a name.
Sep 9Filler Art Friday: Sleeper Hold Fights Demons
Sep 8Dick has been a hero for just over a year and he’s got “getting captured” down.
Sep 7It’s the green skin. It makes it so hard to tell.
Sep 6For all anyone knows Sleeper was TRYING to say, “Don’t leave me here with all these demons.”
Sep 5Jump Start picked an exceptionally baggy superhero costume, and she has no regrets.
Sep 2Dick’s hand can turn into a cross, and dammit, he’s gonna use it!
Sep 1Dracula’s actually pretty enamored with Manea. She finds this hilarious.
Aug 31Sure, Sleeper Hold can repair magical brooms. That’s just a skill that he has.
Aug 30Sleeper Hold is not afraid to go for the cheap laugh.
Aug 29Dick spent a good few months as a vagrant, and having a permanent home still feels weird.
Aug 26I don’t regret the rhyming voice. And I am who matters.
Aug 25The inside of Dick’s mind is a pretty cool place nowadays.
Aug 24Just putting this here so you guys know who’s low-key wondering if they should kill someone.
Aug 23Tragedy’s not reading that whole wall of text. He’s got stuff to do.
Aug 22Look, you can’t make a giant masseur without cracking a few spines.
Aug 19There are many things you need a butt to do.
Aug 18Yont makes his decisions out loud and in the moment, like a true professional.
Aug 17Satan’s Instagram is insufferable.
Aug 16The Theater Bats are still sore about that family thing. They’ll be spending Thanksgiving with them.
Aug 15Lord Downy didn’t inherit his title by working for it!
Aug 12Filler Art: Adorable Zombie Head vs. Bloodsport
Aug 11It’s important for any description of Manea to be a touch creepy.
Aug 10The punchline is SADNESS.
Aug 9Tragedy’s just still thinking about having stuffed his face over the weekend.
Aug 8“Everything’s fine if we don’t examine it too closely.”
Aug 5Filler Art: Marshmallow Roast
Aug 4Baba does not have a lot of one-on-one time with Manea, and that’s how she likes it.
Aug 3The Theater Bats sleep outside all the time, anyway.
Aug 2Roux gets things done.
Aug 1Personally, I think Rick’s pretty composed for a guy being ferried around by rats.
Jul 29I have too many international readers to have just made that joke.
Jul 28Someone is going to have to fish Roux out of Bloodsport, though.
Jul 27Downy has a lot of people who hate him, but shockingly few who’ve made the decision to kill him.
Jul 26Baba hates The Notebook.
Jul 25Playing Three Blind Mice to charm rats is only distantly ironic anyway, so they’re probably safe.
Jul 22Pretty sure what just happened is a sign of the end times.
Jul 21Rick’s been thrust into the hero role too often for his taste.
Jul 20Manea does not have a lot of healthy relationships with other women.
Jul 19That’s what I’m saying every time I leave a room from now on.
Jul 18Very few citizens of the Cute Plane have heads for the tedious work of community infrastructure.
Jul 15Burning things down is kind of Yont’s go to move.
Jul 14Possibly Roux knew exactly what she was doing. Possibly she just wanted those rats.
Jul 13Tragedy has, in canon, eaten some gross stuff.
Jul 12In Rick’s experience, cats and zombies are basically fearless.
Jul 11Making a song featuring both bees and teeth sounds…daunting.
Jul 8Roux, meanwhile, is sleeping.
Jul 7In any case, this teen romance game has gotten out of hand.
Jul 6Hair does often get me existential.
Jul 5That fridge is canonically six months old, and that mold has been growing in it the whole time.
Jul 4Vacation Photos with Adorable Zombie Head
Jul 1The joke here is that everyone else understands. EVERYONE.
Jun 30Rick just doesn’t get why he keeps coming over if he can’t play the games.
Jun 29Owls don’t have tear ducts, and Manea does not care.
Jun 28Well, it’s nice to know that they think of me. I guess.
Jun 27Yup, that’s the joke I went for. Grabbed right onto that low hanging fruit.
Jun 24Quit being so gosh darned adorable, you two.
Jun 23Pretty sure I stole that joke from Firefly, but Rick’s definitely seen Firefly, so that’s fine.
Jun 22A hug is a promise to let go.
Jun 21“Like, at least as intelligent as a horse.”
Jun 20Manea has never played tennis, she’s just seen Chompers do it.
Jun 17Yeah, but who doesn’t?
Jun 16Yont’s really ramping up his indifference today.
Jun 15Aphrodite would know about Chompers if she didn’t skip all of Manea’s life that wasn’t romance.
Jun 14“Love mystery” is a bit of a strong term, but Aphrodite likes to throw herself into her work.
Jun 13Baba has all kinds of stories that we never hear about.
Jun 10The secret to dealing with blood sorcerers is making yourself appear bigger than them.
Jun 9The best stuff in today’s comic clearly happened off-panel.
Jun 8It is also cloudy, though, yes.
Jun 7Rick doesn’t think The Iliad is a particularly historically accurate story, but it still gives him pause.
Jun 3Aphrodite does not do frank, down-to-earth conversations. She does seduction and antics.
Jun 2Is cheesecake a recurring gag if the only joke is that it exists?
Jun 1Nimmo also broke a death god’s nose once. So that was cool.
May 31To be fair, Aphrodite was being intentionally gross.
May 30“Hi” count: 4. “Nope” count: 13. Updates as events warrant.
May 27Filler Art Friday: The Tennis Match
May 26Don’t ask me how Downy managed to apply two different dyes. Maybe Bloodsport helped.
May 25Rick’s idea sounds super boring. There’s a reason he doesn’t write the comic.
May 24Bringing someone to the eighties would be a really expensive way to Rickroll them.
May 23The Champions’ rogues gallery is quickly getting out of hand.
May 20Yont will never be good at not poisoning people, but we all have our flaws.
May 19Gralik is having a bad afterlife.
May 18I have no idea what potion Baba was brewing, or if this was the desired result.
May 17Manea has always kind of wanted a bed of living blood.
May 16“Other kids draw more than one thing, guy.”
May 13To be fair, they thought of a bear. A bear would have worked.
May 12Don’t you DARE make Charon obsolete, guys! He’s my best source of dry humor.
May 11You’d think Pandora would care more about the frozen guy, but she’s pretty busy talking about string.
May 10Every friend the Theater Bats have is troublesome. This is the nature of friendship.
May 9Feryal’s asking the hard questions today.
May 6“Tell her you learned it reading. Reading’s wholesome as fuck.”
May 5Anansi is great. He has never questioned this fact.
May 4“Souri, where did you get that bear? This is a magical cage-house.”
May 3Merry and Anang are the hobos of talking.
May 2Anansi has no interest in being taken seriously anyway.
Apr 29Filler Art Friday: Anansi’s Web
Apr 28Sadi was always the smart one. And the sad one, incidentally.
Apr 27The Theater Bats react to tears like normal people react to giant spiders.
Apr 26Anansi isn’t talking to himself, he’s talking to you. Because he is a professional storyteller.
Apr 25Anansi doesn’t whisper because he’s a foot tall spider, and subterfuge is basically out the window already.
Apr 22They have a garage because it’ll get parents to buy the add-on car. That’s how they get you.
Apr 21Anansi is having a good time.
Apr 20Anansi had to get that second pair of sunglasses specially made. He’s never regretted it.
Apr 19I’m more surprised by anyone that they responded to criticism.
Apr 18Nimmo just plays with empty bags sometimes. What? You’re not better than him.
Apr 15Manea does not consider herself an animal person.
Apr 14Chompers cannot relate.
Apr 13Comedy is very secure in his ability to make jokes. Possibly he should not be.
Apr 12It’s not even maimed. This is bullshit.
Apr 11Lord Downy would be offended if he had any thoughts of other people at all.
Apr 8The deal is they’re GROSS.
Apr 7Science fact: surprisingly many points can be made with a cat on your face.
Apr 6Nimmo was briefly way too into memes. It was very annoying.
Apr 5The Seventies: too many laser related deaths?
Apr 4Writing poetry had simply not occurred to Hades until he found out a crazy person was doing it.
Apr 1Yont’s just got a ton of those wigs laying around.
Mar 31Ha! He WISHES he was a duke.
Mar 30Tragedy has a pragmatic approach to medicine.
Mar 29Rick has no idea Manea does either of those things.
Mar 28Not to be confused with Megalomanea, Manea’s final form.
Mar 25As we all know, blood always has useful things to say.
Mar 24Nimmo was just resting his eyes. It’s important that you know that.
Mar 23“Do you like elephants?”
Mar 22He’ll do it, too.
Mar 21Lord Downy: the worst owl? More at eleven.
Mar 18Hey, there’s no talking cat in this comic! This SUCKS.
Mar 17Nimmo is done with this conversation.
Mar 16Impotent rage is an ugly color, Baba.
Mar 15This does seem like a “witch” sort of problem, but Baba’s a bit limited in that department right now.
Mar 14When there’s a large piece of wood in your chest, you start appreciating how your situation could be funnier.
Mar 11Baba is not used to having legs that short.
Mar 10Her roommate is a jerk. That’s just fact.
Mar 9This might be the first time I’ve used “egads” in a comic, which is a shame.
Mar 8Still better than the time they just made funny noises for four panels.
Mar 7Let’s face it, her explanation could have been much more dire.
Mar 4Nimmo just accepted that sad clown comment like it was nothing.
Mar 3“I am very disappointed by the lack of aliens in most other books.”
Mar 2Very few roommates are so bad that your living room fills with blood. This is a fundamental truth.
Mar 1Manea has opinions.
Feb 29Then everyone died.
Feb 26“Okay, some days I’m pretty proud.”
Feb 25One wonders why someone would need such a bag for anything, let alone a trip to Mexico.
Feb 24Streak is pretty much done right now.
Feb 23Green Ninja’s dad hasn’t met a problem he couldn’t banish.
Feb 22Sleeper Hold is silently complaining about his day to Adorable Zombie Head, but you wouldn’t know it.
Feb 19Cybernetic arms can solve basically any problem.
Feb 18Green Ninja is being more “annoying” than “heroic.”
Feb 17Green Ninja pretty much already thought Bloodwing was crazy, though.
Feb 16Both Manea and Dick are feeling pretty proud of themselves.
Feb 15Dick will talk about Bloodsport like he’s a giant penis forever if I let him.
Feb 12“What a weirdly phallic pillar of blood,” I write, wondering where I went ̶w̶r̶o̶n̶g̶ right.
Feb 11Streak moves like a ballet dancer. This is because of a dance based supervillain battle a few years back.
Feb 10“Put me in, coach! …Doctor. Doctor Coach.”
Feb 9Secretly, Streak’s pretty impressed with himself.
Feb 8I was worried Jump Start wouldn’t do enough in this storyline, but she’s got this covered.
Feb 5Dick doesn’t need to hear Bloodwing’s life story. He’s got stuff to do.
Feb 4Manea is pretty sure betraying her friends would be a ton of fun.
Feb 3Let’s face it, you want a blood sword now. That’s natural.
Feb 2This is all going very well. Blood magic is definitely weaksauce in this universe.
Feb 1Dick was pretty sure he’d seen all magic: the red kind and the blue kind.
Jan 29The design decision here was more blood. Villains get more blood.
Jan 28Green Ninja is annoyingly good at his job.
Jan 27Dick probably shouldn’t complain about other people’s paleness, frankly.
Jan 26That’s good advice for life, too.
Jan 25The scientific method results in blood snakes 100% of the time. FACT.
Jan 22I’m as surprised as anyone that Doctor Science has a medical degree.
Jan 21Someone needs to tell Marea that dress totally clashes with her complexion.
Jan 20If everyone found the prospect of being punched in the face pleasant, that would explain how superhero dimensions get formed.
Jan 19Truth be told, Dick’s grasp of “morality and junk” still isn’t great.
Jan 18I can’t see “talkative inside out sheep” being a very popular character, either.
Jan 15Filler Art: Pool Day
Jan 14Nimmo takes his TV time very seriously.
Jan 13Guys, that punchline is way too deep a cut, and no one will find it funny on its own.
Jan 12As usual, Chompers has to fix everything. For instance, he’s probably going to put that egg back.
Jan 11That was a sick burn, Yont.
Jan 8“The stabbing thing is getting old.”
Jan 7Tell me more of this moon temple, customer service golem.
Jan 6Customer service golem is dedicated to its job.
Jan 5Baba was pretty cool back when she was a devil worshipper with a mysterious coloring book.
Jan 4Kitchen destruction: my new year theme, apparently.
Jan 1The Theater Bats are bad at resolutions.









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