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Dec 31Chompers definitely keeps a dozen fire extinguishers in the house.
Dec 30Rick’s having a good time.
Dec 29They’re using orneriness to be lazier! Those crafty bastards!
Dec 28It’s not an instinct. It’s a passion.
Dec 25Baba takes her bonfires seriously. She is wise that way.
Dec 24I think we can all agree that Nimmo’s guess was overly optimistic.
Dec 23The only possible reason nobody’s burning you at the stake is they don’t care.
Dec 22Cursed blood runes really just show how little thought went into the gift.
Dec 21Lord Downy makes a lot of blood related threats, but he’s not great on follow-through.
Dec 18Filler art: Hugs
Dec 17This could be an oddly racist comic if you replaced “dragon” with a nationality.
Dec 16“I wake up screaming as a favor to those who can’t.”
Dec 15Yaaaaay Christmas.
Dec 14Nobody has a good first superhero costume. I assume.
Dec 11“I did warn you that this would happen.”
Dec 10Secretly, Manea has just found out about massages and is looking for an excuse to try it.
Dec 9If they combine their views, they could quest for pancakes. I can find no downside.
Dec 8Secret cats in every storyline from now on.
Dec 7All in all, punching would have been less disturbing.
Dec 4I thought I’d been the first person to say zombiecatfished, but nope! The Internet, ladies and gentlemen!
Dec 3Yont is pretty into punching for a dude who may or may not have hands.
Dec 2Filler Art: Demon Swarm
Dec 1Yont is not Baba’s first choice of Hell-buddy.
Nov 30Lord Downy is acutely aware that he’s used the one weapon at his disposal.
Nov 27That’s Chompers’s “fuck you” walk.
Nov 26Lord Downy has one job, but he does it well.
Nov 25Good to see you too, Satan! Why do you look like a potato?
Nov 24Way to bring the effort, guys.
Nov 23I think we all want Chompers to punch their way out of Hell.
Nov 20Chompers must be getting his fire extinguisher refilled, or something.
Nov 19Lord Downy has not considered the possibility that Baba could just leave him there.
Nov 18Lord Downy has lost control of this conversation.
Nov 17“I think I’m very clever and have insulted you, your mother, and your entire species. Cleverly.”
Nov 16It’s possible that Yont is more excited about his flower than is generally considered appropriate.
Nov 13Social groupings are pretty hilarious. There’s no getting around that.
Nov 12Nimmo makes some fair points.
Nov 11I can only assume this is some sort of date. I have no idea how well it’s going.
Nov 10I was writing this while being harassed by a cat, which was an annoying form of irony.
Nov 9I wonder how many of my comics end with the phrase “shut up.” At least a few, I’d bet.
Nov 6Filler art: Lord Downy wins.
Nov 5I have a lot of questions. Mostly about the origin of those scissors.
Nov 4Manea’s got a lot of powers, and she’s not treating this one any different.
Nov 3Yont has seen a lot of windmills in his time, and he’s pretty sure they’re up to something.
Nov 2Lord Downy is accustomed to a certain lifestyle.
Oct 30Feryal’s nerves get a little frayed in October.
Oct 29I’ll have you jerks know that artistic expression is VERY MUCH ENCOURAGED in most psychiatric hospitals.
Oct 28“Do you notice we get attacked a lot?” “I did notice that, somehow.”
Oct 27“Ah, thirty seconds ago. It was a simpler time, when I was less sore.”
Oct 26If you’ve never received an owl at the end of a date, you’re missing out.
Oct 23That’s pretty obvious, in retrospect. Bloodsport was basically a blood-jello golem.
Oct 22Cheese it, it’s the cat!
Oct 21Nimmo’s dad is a low-level enemy.
Oct 20Nimmo’s dad is bad at many things. Including gloating.
Oct 19Fen is not convincing me he’s ready for a leadership role.
Oct 16Essence merging: sounds pretty gross. Maybe it isn’t?
Oct 15Lord Downy is accustomed to the finer things.
Oct 14I decided not to depict a bunch of tadpoles putting the hurt on a bunch of bunnies. This was a conscious decision I had to make.
Oct 13We’ve got everything we need right here: Magic, an arm, combat expertise, and something to make Thanksgiving awkward.
Oct 12Manea is having fun. This is how she has fun.
Oct 9Filler art: For the Cute Plane
Oct 8Rick’s got an overabundance of large personalities in his life.
Oct 7That second panel may be the best thing I’ve ever written. I shall meditate on this.
Oct 6Baba doesn’t know what do do with most cute things. It’s an odd failing.
Oct 5“What about politics?” “Makes them worse, actually.” “Figures.”
Oct 2Top hat night: one size fits all! Apparently!
Oct 1Manea thinks a pushover is someone who doesn’t like being whipped. She’s of a different age.
Sep 30Friggin’ owls. They’ll mess you up.
Sep 29Soreness as told through interpretive dance does sound terrible.
Sep 28Sorry, Dick. That’s a genie you can’t put back in the bottle.
Sep 25Filler Art: Roux Explores
Sep 24This is called tough love, imaginary readers.
Sep 23Manea has unrealistic expectations about other people’s subconsciousnesses.
Sep 22If I were Nimmo, I would not be exposing my soft green body to a cat’s claws.
Sep 21Did…did you guys forget to do a comic today? Is that what this is?
Sep 18This is a reasonable thing to have nightmares about.
Sep 17Manea just likes to be included.
Sep 16We’ve established that Nimmo is dangerous with power.
Sep 15If all you have is a whiphook, everything looks like a…I don’t know where I was going with this.
Sep 14Apparently the brain is vital. Live and learn.
Sep 11I’d argue, but she is an expert of when people do and do not die.
Sep 10Manea assembled that grappling hook friggin’ QUICKLY.
Sep 9I’d watch more sports if more announcers were attacked with whips.
Sep 8Manea is ready to wage war against eyes. It is on.
Sep 7Manea didn’t listen to what the others said. She was busy working on her penis joke.
Sep 4Nimmo is pretty sure he still has room to grow in certain aspects of his life. He is wise that way.
Sep 3Chompers’ shocking revelation is that he’s a communist.
Sep 2That little cat looks like she could use the protein, frankly.
Sep 1“Technically they’re many rugs, but she’s still fond of them. Meow.”
Aug 31How’d she get the balloon in her house?
Aug 28On an unrelated note: “small potato” was a nickname for one of Nimmo’s brothers
Aug 27I actually consider it a win that Pandora somehow still likes them.
Aug 26This is an example of situational irony. Write that down, kids. There will be a test.
Aug 25I can’t think of any halfway decent advice Streak would have. You’re on your own, Rick.
Aug 24Hahaha this is supposed to be a comedy what am I even doing.
Aug 21Chompers is the answer to any given problem. Use that on your next math test, kids.
Aug 20I wanna learn more about that kid and the dragon. Tell me about that.
Aug 19Some people would call an exploding sandwich overkill, but it goes surprisingly well with some ranch.
Aug 18Adorable Zombie Head solves every problem! Also he stole a cat.
Aug 17Manea spent two panels just waiting to tell everybody about the sloths.
Aug 14Your body isn’t a temple. It’s a door. Don’t lie to me, door.
Aug 13Filler Art: The Navigator
Aug 12List of wizard things: finding talking doors, setting hats on fire, miscellaneous other.
Aug 11Chompers is having a good day.
Aug 10Rick’s pretty sure he’s lost his game.
Aug 7Miracles are rarely that happy to see you.
Aug 6“Bide time until Chompers pulls my legs off” never really took off as a party game.
Aug 5Most of Yont’s wizard secrets involves who totally has a crush on whom.
Aug 4Chompers grabs his own severed limbs like a dancer. A DANCER, I SAY!
Aug 3He’s sneaky for a big guy.
Jul 31King Rick is in his element. King Rick’s element is adventure!
Jul 30King Rick and Yont have an entire ballroom of junk they keep forgetting to sell.
Jul 29To be fair, Yont’s got a pretty stabbable face.
Jul 28King Rick’s not worried about beating a mirror monster. They’re made of glass.
Jul 27“Please let go of my balls now” is a phrase I hope I never have reason to say.
Jul 24This one’s only funny if you have at least a passing knowledge of psychological history. COMICS!
Jul 23There are surprisingly few poop jokes in this comic. I do that for you.
Jul 22King Rick’s only love is the sea dragons.
Jul 21Most of my problems stem from how stupidly flammable I am.
Jul 20This is apparently the dimension of functional marriages.
Jul 17Filler Art Friday: Family Photo
Jul 16Adorable Zombie Head prioritizes.
Jul 15Nimmo is straight up DONE with the cute plane.
Jul 14“If someone had told you not to attack me with blood magic, we’d both be having a better day.”
Jul 13Nimmo’s sister is a very helpful hallucination. Perhaps she will someday have a name.
Jul 10“Sperm Convention” is a terrible name for a band.
Jul 9Even fake Manea knows being fake isn’t that weird.
Jul 8Lord Downy’s two modes are silent and yelling.
Jul 7“Roundabout and Skeevy” is the name of my punk rock band.
Jul 6“She possesses a mastery of the English language rare in one so young!”
Jul 3Nimmo’s dad is really pushing for that father of the year award, huh?
Jul 2And Christmas was safe for another year.
Jul 1“I’m pretty sure we could all do better.”
Jun 30Wait ’til he gets to the next revelation. It’ll knock him off his feet.
Jun 29This is like the third time I’ve bashed Romeo and Juliet on this site, and I’m so not slowing down.
Jun 26“Hell, I didn’t have a life at all until ten minutes ago.”
Jun 25Maybe a ghost would have been easier. People don’t ask ghosts that many questions.
Jun 24Hades wasn’t sure “being alive” would help the situation, but he thought it was worth a try.
Jun 23Pandora is not afraid to make a couple death gods be polite.
Jun 22“Okay, I do find his suffering a little funny, but I’m a sick man.”
Jun 19Feryal just calls ’em like she sees ’em.
Jun 18Filler art: Leap apart
Jun 17Pandora is starting to think she shouldn’t have answered the door.
Jun 16“That actually makes a lot of sense, considering our relationship.”
Jun 15The good news is, the black hides it well.
Jun 12Infinite canvas! Look upon my tower of words, ye mighty, and despair.
Jun 11“If I could drink, I’d really need a drink.”
Jun 10I’m really starting to like that little spirit.
Jun 9Yes, the forest is just a green background. Don’t look at me like that, YOU KNEW WHAT THIS WAS.
Jun 8To be fair, Baba has more reason to meditate about Hell than most people.
Jun 5That little Lar is pretty sure all metaphors have rhyme schemes.
Jun 4Chompers will solve all the world’s problems with grabbing. Just watch.
Jun 3I have missed this Manea. She’s fun to write for.
Jun 2I bet Sadness could shrug if she really tried.
Jun 1Sadness’s armageddon scenario is a bit anticlimactic.
May 29Marea knows exactly what goes into being a superhero.
May 28It’s becoming clear that Doctor Science believes in learning by failure.
May 27Newspapers are very exciting in the superhero universe. Supervillains equal ratings.
May 26Marea tried to tell that story at a party. It got awkward, especially with Manea going “Bang! Fwissssh! Pew pew pew!”
May 25“I’m sorry, which one of us has a pentagram on her forehead? Pretty sure it’s me.”
May 22Adorable Zombie Head does not appreciate the backstory here.
May 21“She also called us dorks, so I won’t feel too bad if it’s actually her.”
May 20Who are these randos and why are they crashing my storyline?
May 19Manea is surprised whenever Hades is the least bit cool.
May 18“Your mother was better at that kind of thing.”
May 15That’s right. Nimmo’s a prince. It’s canon.
May 14Our data shows that EVERY version of Rick who traverses dimensions talks about his feelings.
May 13If you want to be King Rick’s friend, mention dragons.
May 12Doctor Science has had this conversation many times.
May 11On the plus side, Sleeper Hold seems to be doing well.
May 8That just sounds like an excuse to eat legs.
May 7Baba greets Hell with less distress than I greet Civil War reenactments.
May 6So that’s where Chompers is at right now.
May 5“I mean, he has fought the devil a few times.”
May 4This isn’t even the weirdest thing to happen to Yont in the past hour.
May 1The End.
Apr 30Secretly, Pandora’s feeling a bit left out.
Apr 29Dick thinks anything he can’t break with his foot is unbreakable. Yont’s of the same mindset.
Apr 28Nice to see him lose that smirk.
Apr 27Mantus seems to have mispronounced “a real dickweed” in that last panel.
Apr 24What does distilled wizard taste like? It’s not worth thinking about.
Apr 23“My idea is to let this play out.”
Apr 22Nimmo is basically Rick’s ninja guardian angel.
Apr 21That’s the second most badass Satan has looked in this comic
Apr 20I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but this battle’s going SUPER well.
Apr 17Zorn is probably the best possible laser onomatopoeia.
Apr 16It’s pretty easy to bounce back from being choked to death when you don’t actually breathe.
Apr 15I’m starting to think Mantus doesn’t like Satan very much.
Apr 14Baba’s having a moment of clarity, and she’s not happy about it.
Apr 13Baba is surprisingly efficient at ignoring important plot points.
Apr 10Filler art Friday: Reunion of the Anti-Gods
Apr 9“That guy’s gonna eat all the chips, I just know it.”
Apr 8I can’t help but notice that guy’s not whispering now.
Apr 7On a scale of one to ten, how dead are you?
Apr 6Ha! Floppy wein.
Apr 3Screw this storyline! What happened with the reptiloides?
Apr 2Mantus is getting into a nasty habit of winning fights.
Apr 1Dick had finally gotten his brain the way he liked it.
Mar 31Give that dead key a cookie.
Mar 30Welp, there goes Dick’s arm, I guess.
Mar 27Mantus hates himself for contributing to this conversation.
Mar 26Just wait ’til he realizes he’s a zombie.
Mar 25Ghost Pandora: like regular Pandora, but blue.
Mar 24Zomkey is the brains of the operation.
Mar 23Lucifer tries to throw everyone he likes in the pit of fire.
Mar 20Filler Art Friday: Ivory Keys
Mar 19It’s true. They’re not relaxed, they’re lazy.
Mar 18This one’s not really funny unless you find smoke patterns hilarious.
Mar 17“When I look closer, I see there’s also me, tiny and upside-down in your future!”
Mar 16“Quick, call the papers! I’ve got a story.”
Mar 13Filler Art Friday: The Sick Couch
Mar 12Nimmo asks the hard-hitting questions.
Mar 11I will never share a blanket with a giant tadpole, and my life is a little bit sadder for that fact.
Mar 10It was just a thought. A reasonable thought.
Mar 9Yont has a complicated past.
Mar 6I guess only Baba can be trusted with the steam powered accordion.
Mar 5Manners are for the living.
Mar 4Yont is always one Kleenex away from a murder spree.
Mar 3There’s very little chance that controller is still functional.
Mar 2Remember when all my comics were this wordy? Good times.
Feb 27Friday Filler Art: Game Night
Feb 26Not falling asleep at their house is like the number one rule of befriending a death god.
Feb 25As a witch, Baba’s not real into Christianity anyway.
Feb 24…Good talk, guys.
Feb 23I don’t always agree with Yont. Today I do.
Feb 20“Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to scrub this image from my brain.”
Feb 19He almost definitely could.
Feb 18These guys are gonna set off my movie night PTSD again.
Feb 17As a nudist, Rick should probably live somewhere WITHOUT freak snowstorms.
Feb 16So many tiny plastic men died that day. So many. Too many.
Feb 13“Also, ow.”
Feb 12This trend continues in the later versions, where nobody is smart.
Feb 11If Rick keeps going to Baba instead of finding a real shrink, she should just charge him.
Feb 10Filler Art: Lost in Thought
Feb 9As good a definition as any.
Feb 6Yont then spends the rest of the week reading only Dr. Seuss. Then the next week speaking only in rhyme.
Feb 5Hades isn’t calling Persephone heavy. Just want to make that clear.
Feb 4The unconscious Dionysus just off panel is definitely not a coincidence, though.
Feb 3“I really don’t think that should have been your first priority! Thanks, though.”
Feb 2Pandora should start a steel drum band and call it “Pots and Pan.”
Jan 30Friday Filler Art: Pandora’s Jar
Jan 29FAMILIES, ladies and gentlemen.
Jan 28I’m putting “make peace with your dying gods” on business cards.
Jan 27Pandora can quickly discard fear if she’s mad enough.
Jan 26Well, there goes that wooden horse I asked you to imagine.
Jan 23This has not been quite the adventure Anansi hoped for.
Jan 22This comic wants you to imagine a horse and some olive trees. This comic doesn’t think that’s so much to ask.
Jan 21To Anansi, any display of wealth that exceeds his is garish.
Jan 20Zeus actually made the platypus thing work. There’s a kink for everything.
Jan 19Dionysus is having a pretty bad day.
Jan 16Pandora is not here for her lying skills. She’s here to open jars.
Jan 15Pandora’s morning: kind of sucky so far.
Jan 14Man, this is expositiony. That’s a word, trust me. Don’t look it up.
Jan 13I imagine it’s pretty hard to be a woman anywhere near Zeus.
Jan 12Anansi does not fail. He retroactively succeeds.
Jan 9Filler art Friday: Anansi the Spider
Jan 8“Look do you want to tell this story?” “Oh, no. You’re doing so well.”
Jan 7Today’s joke is Nimmo. Enjoy Nimmo.
Jan 6He’s still going to eat it, though. He’s not crazy.
Jan 5This strip requires you to remember both that Hades likes cheesecake and that he is, in fact, a character in this comic.
Jan 2We need to bring back “swanky” as slang for 2015.
Jan 1Yont can’t really enjoy that wine since he lost his nose again.









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