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Dec 31To Manea, nothing’s morbid.
Dec 30Filler Art: Reading Lesson
Dec 29Nimmo’s insatiable, but he’s not rude.
Dec 26He probably wasn’t going to argue much, anyway.
Dec 25It is the neediest of the holidays.
Dec 24Lifetip: flashbacks make everything canon.
Dec 23It is hard, sometimes, to be Baba’s friend.
Dec 22Technically, he never was, but it was impossible to tell him that.
Dec 19That looks like a particularly uncomfortable kiss for a number of reasons.
Dec 18There are like a million bacon jokes I could make here, but the Internet already has enough of that.
Dec 17Nimmo is a multitasker.
Dec 16Manea’s pretty sure that when you’ve got it all figured out, you’re queen of something.
Dec 15You can kinda see why that one was developed more.
Dec 12Wizardry is just convincing the universe that you’re right.
Dec 11With Manea, it’s always weird.
Dec 10“This time of year.” Those whiners can’t stand anything.
Dec 9Rick should really choose his words more carefully.
Dec 8They’re also out of nutmeg, so this whole day’s going to be difficult.
Dec 5There are so many reasons for the epic battles rule.
Dec 4Man, I hope people know the name Elphaba. The whole joke pretty much hinges on that.
Dec 3We here at Inspired By True Events do not endorse Manea’s behavior. Don’t destroy your means of flight while in the air.
Dec 2Plus, Yont doesn’t even USE money. The entire situation was pretty unlikely.
Dec 1“Veto Recursiveness” would be a good name for a band.
Nov 28I had to put “American Thanksgiving” because I’m pretty sure the Canadian’s version is nicer.
Nov 27And Yont never hosted a holiday party again.
Nov 26“Like, ten percent more tasty. Minimum.”
Nov 25Where’s Dick get off stealing the title of my memoir?
Nov 24“I’m also blocking babypunch.org. How is that even a thing?”
Nov 21Yeah, I’ll put up a Halloween comic almost a month late. I have no honor.
Nov 20They always think there’s too much excitement in their lives.
Nov 19“If you comprehend the English language.”
Nov 18Yont doesn’t read books for entertainment. He reads them for power.
Nov 17All Nimmo/Chompers slash fiction is now non-canon.
Nov 14You’re not allowed to talk about weird bodies, Sadness. You have infinite tears.
Nov 13Just now realized that Nimmo could have been holding an ACTUAL red herring. Opportunity lost.
Nov 12In which I fight against the idea of needing rising action before a climax.
Nov 11Manea doesn’t even have a couch in her real house. Just so you know where her priorities are.
Nov 10Not so much style for “perpetually surprised guy,” so that’s something to consider.
Nov 7Manea’s not super big on inaction.
Nov 6Manea can totally say that. Some of her best friends are mortals.
Nov 5Start a conversation about meeting dinosaurs, meet some dinosaurs, have good times.
Nov 4Rick’s going to have to see like five different shrinks when all this is over.
Nov 3Baba does not like other people’s bodily fluids in her house. This is fair.
Oct 31Welp, this is officially the least thematic Halloween comic I’ve ever done.
Oct 30I think you can translate today’s comic for yourself.
Oct 29I think at this point Yont’s just forgotten that he’s not wearing his hat.
Oct 28Surprise looks pretty shocked that the Theater Bats are insulting him, but that’s his “noncommittal” face.
Oct 27Word dump! I hope you guys like exposition!
Oct 24It’s been a while since Rick had no idea what was going on. This is basically a throwback comic.
Oct 23Filler art: Nimmo Surprise
Oct 22Manea’s been around, she probably understood it anyway.
Oct 21Was he just… waiting underground? Maybe. I dunno.
Oct 17Oh yes, there’s a list.
Oct 16“Remember when I bad-assed my way through a compound full of ninja?”
Oct 15I don’t see a problem here. I think things are just MORE AWESOME.
Oct 14And they did.
Oct 13If this comic wasn’t stick figures, it would be SUPER GRITTY.
Oct 10TRADE SECRET: I don’t think it’s really fine.
Oct 9To be completely fair, they’ve been kind of out of the loop for a while.
Oct 8Of course, Satan’s got a lot of maiming to to do in Hell, but it’s mostly delegated.
Oct 7“First things first, though: what’d you think of my evil laugh?”
Oct 6“I’ve got a cauldron filled with an ancient gaseous murderer but all anybody talks about is the spider one.”
Oct 3Those feathered jerks keep stealing from my worm collection, so it’s hard to decide.
Oct 2They’re pretty sure they’ve got tear ducts somewhere. Probably. Maybe.
Oct 1Nimmo has something of a “natural” aversion to handwashing, himself.
Sep 30“And then I woke up. I don’t need to take bad writing from my own head.”
Sep 29That’s perhaps not the most charitable way to look at a whimsical coming-of-age story about pirates.
Sep 26“The main issue is whether or not I also have x-ray vision.”
Sep 25Watch your fucking language, you two.
Sep 24And it was.
Sep 23On a related note: Yont has invented possibly the most dangerous musical instrument.
Sep 22“You know, that is a part of it.”
Sep 18It’s pretty late guys. I don’t even know if this is entertaining or not.
Sep 17Nimmo is pretty serious about cloud formations.
Sep 16No guys, yesterday was a wash. Today, you’re just unhelpful. As usual.
Sep 15Technical difficulties…
Sep 12Nimmo’s got his priorities straight.
Sep 11Hehe. That armadillo’s trying to play the harp.
Sep 10Of course, some people might call getting a naked guy into your pot a success.
Sep 9“You know…places.”
Sep 8Well, his poetry beats Comedy’s weird dubstep noises.
Sep 5Manea explains life.
Sep 4Kinda says it all, really.
Sep 3So many things happened before sweet robot arms. It was a sad time.
Sep 2Kroakagrrip sounds like a pokemon.
Aug 29Wow. This humor is HIGH BROW.
Aug 28I’m sick right now, imaginary readers. I want some of that witch-soup.
Aug 27I guess Satan actually did look into how Dick escaped. How ’bout that.
Aug 26Twine!? This dude knows how to party.
Aug 25Sadness doesn’t win very often.
Aug 22Disgust: pretty much the worst.
Aug 21Dick might just sic the penguin on them anyway.
Aug 20Penguins: they solve problems.
Aug 19Dick is completely aware of the effect he has on people.
Aug 18Raisins indeed.
Aug 15Friday Filler Art: Tentacle Fight!
Aug 14Sibling rivalry! You learn to fight with words when one of you is intangible.
Aug 13That banana voice has got to get annoying after a while.
Aug 12Nobody likes Satan. Satan’s a tool.
Aug 11When I make it big, those postcards are gonna be real.
Aug 8Well that’s 100% not true.
Aug 7Don’t ask me what differentiates “totes cool” from “party bros”. I… I just don’t know.
Aug 6You guys were supposed to make a joke, not read the Wikipedia page.
Aug 5That dude’s mind completely shut down once he realized what was holding the guns.
Aug 4Ah, the loss of innocence. COMEDY GOLD!
Aug 1Adorable Zombie Head is super psyched about that monocle.
Jul 31The Theater Bats are completely aware that over half of their “friends” have tried to kill them.
Jul 30Try not to imagine the events that took place between panels one and two.
Jul 29Manea likes to let her mind wander. Maybe it’ll come back someday.
Jul 28Their lives are also plagued by situational irony, so that’s a wise decision.
Jul 25I wonder what possible good he’d hoped to achieve, but then I always do.
Jul 24“Time travel? Heavier than air flight? Pop culture references?”
Jul 23Chompers is many things, but he’s not picky.
Jul 22The only names Yont doesn’t think are boring have “shadow” somewhere in them, so he’s not really the best judge.
Jul 21Well, that went south fast.
Jul 18“What are the terms of your warranty? I’m just curious.”
Jul 17I decided there actually weren’t enough Maneas in this storyline, so here’s another.
Jul 16Geez, you give a guy’s dead wife back to him, and he gets all sappy.
Jul 15“He keeps calling you imaginary. That’s gotta get old.”
Jul 14Everybody is instantly cuter when they’re not throwing pointy things at you. True fact.
Jul 11Filler Art: A problem like Marea
Jul 10The comic has many Maneas. The most Maneas? Maybe.
Jul 9King Rick honestly thought that was the argument most likely to work.
Jul 8There are many times when nobody likes Queen Manea.
Jul 7I guess Satan’s hiding. That’s probably smart.
Jul 4Where does Green Ninja keep all these weapons, anyway?
Jul 3Green Ninja’s really carrying the team here. There’s no getting around that.
Jul 2Manic Mistress doesn’t think anybody’s doing anything wrong until they start doing it to her.
Jul 1“Yes! Why do you always bring it up?”
Jun 30Lotsa magic popping in from off panel here.
Jun 27Manic Mistress thinks she can end all arguments with “I have a saw.” She’s not entirely wrong.
Jun 26Thanks, Doctor Science! Those panels were getting crowded.
Jun 25Filler Art: Mother of the Undead
Jun 24Manic Mistress’s “shadow clones” are a pretty big PR problem in Streak’s dimension.
Jun 23They are the truest of friends and that is now canon. Sorry EVERY OTHER FRIENDS.
Jun 20I don’t know what they’re talking about. He’s STILL adorable.
Jun 19That homeless guy is like her third best friend.
Jun 18Baba just had the most intense ten seconds of her life and she is just about done with this crap.
Jun 17Suddenly all of my pens are SUPER pens!
Jun 16“Your computer-thingy looks cool. How many internets does it have?”
Jun 13The Manic Mistress needs to work on her metaphors.
Jun 12It’s not the dragons.
Jun 11King Rick knows what he likes, and it ain’t that.
Jun 10The superhero universe is not the happiest universe.
Jun 9Chompers is pretty surprised that she picked up on his sassiness so quickly.
Jun 6I guess Streak got married outside. Or in some sort of blue void.
Jun 5“We both have bones. That counts for something, right?”
Jun 4“What kind of ‘unreachable’ plane is this, anyway?”
Jun 3To King Rick, the idea that Yont has the proper schooling to be a doctor is way more ridiculous than the existence of other dimensions.
Jun 2Things I learned today: there are a TON of characters, projects, and mascots called Green Ninja.
May 30Observe how quickly Manea goes back to her natural state of not caring.
May 29Yont has a strange sort of relationship with logic.
May 28Satan just doesn’t want to seem overly clingy.
May 27Tragedy’s little grinch heart is what makes him ask a question and then make fun of the answer.
May 26Nimmo was watching infomercials. Mr. T. was in one.
May 23If it weren’t for sugary treats, these two would get into hardcore shenanigans.
May 22Unless you don’t want salmonella. …You know what? You could risk it anyway.
May 21“Take that permanently open face-hole and find a way to seal it shut.”
May 20Don’t listen to him, Chompers. That made absolutely no sense.
May 19Yes, that’s the quote I went with. Because it’s HILARIOUS.
May 16Charon’s never gonna live this down.
May 15Who has two thumbs and forgot Other Rick has canonically flown before?
May 14Let’s be fair here, guys. He has lived the past few months in Hell.
May 13“Okay, now tell me you’re made of wood.”
May 12Filler art: Mother’s Day
May 9Hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?
May 8“Blah blah blah life is suffering!” Get a load of this guy.
May 7Filler art: Anti-gods and the Key
May 6Rick’s already sick of this storyline.
May 5Rick doesn’t pray a lot, for various and well argued reasons.
May 2Other Rick was planning to run away, but his legs aren’t working that well right now.
May 1Rick’s had nightmares a lot like this.
Apr 30“Why didn’t I notice that before?”
Apr 29In Baba’s defense, Chompers is REALLY bad at small talk.
Apr 28It’s like a bankruptcy party for for one!
Apr 25He’s surprisingly good for someone who doesn’t have a back.
Apr 24If anyone reading this is surprised that Yont embraces insanity: welcome, new reader!
Apr 23It’s a poem about bunnies.
Apr 22In retrospect, “you’re boring” probably isn’t the strongest punchline. OH WELL.
Apr 21To Nimmo, “climbing” is little more than a game mechanic.
Apr 18Filler art Friday: Chompers’ Garden
Apr 17They just don’t understand how heavy a cardboard crown can be…on a heart.
Apr 16“It would be weird if I was.”
Apr 15You’d think they’d have synced sleep schedules by now.
Apr 14“It…doesn’t actually seem that pleasurable?”
Apr 11She did get over him, though. That’s the important thing.
Apr 10Husks can writhe, apparently. That’s your daily fun fact.
Apr 9Filler art: Smoke and Mirrors
Apr 8In case you’re wondering: yes, it was worth it.
Apr 7Chompers only has vague ideas as to how that cone shape is done.
Apr 4You know what? He’s definitely dead. Don’t even bother looking.
Apr 3Okay. Now I just have to make sure they STAY in there.
Apr 2Nimmo has a way of making Rick forget when he’s mad.
Apr 1Yeah, Yont noticed her hair was different. Ladies.
Mar 31Other things I’m glad are on the internet forever: CAT PICTURES.
Mar 28Disgust is SUPER god-racist.
Mar 27Nimmo has tried talking and he’s tried violence. He’d be out of ideas even without a concussion
Mar 26Note to self: get the Theater Bats a hobby.
Mar 25“It’ll work itself out” is synonymous with “I’m too damn lazy ” here.
Mar 24Whatever. That’s BASICALLY a comic, anyway.
Mar 21Glad the Theater Bats are there to counteract the EMOTIONAL AND SEXUAL TENSION with NSA humor.
Mar 20Please excuse Tragedy’s flashback. He’ll be with us again in a minute.
Mar 19I am genuinely a little bit annoyed, so you have an idea of how nuts I am.
Mar 18I don’t have any hypothetical pinkies. Just these lame thetical ones.
Mar 17Some days, you get to make a tadpole fight zombies. Those are the good days.
Mar 14Manea’s hair is far more volatile than any other of my characters’.
Mar 13Man, is the background gonna be that pukey color for the rest of the storyline? Because ick.
Mar 12That better not be PLOT leaking out of that pipe!
Mar 11Forget death: memory loss is the great equalizer.
Mar 10Let’s be fair: at least one backup plan clearly apologizes.
Mar 7Don’t look now, but Mantus has something on his head.
Mar 6I guess Satan and Other Rick don’t have enough loyalty to fight a god for their misshapen friend.
Mar 5Other Rick in panel two might be a little too spot on for a guy talking to Satan.
Mar 4I knew there was a reason these two were in the cast page.
Mar 3Yont is an adult.
Feb 28Nimmo calls ’em like he sees ’em.
Feb 27What!? What did he say!?!?!
Feb 26Filler art: Big Musical Adventure
Feb 25Well, they probably are.
Feb 24Guys, I’m pretty sure that’s actually related.
Feb 21It occurs to me that this would be the BEST comic for new readers to start with.
Feb 20Gotta love those subtle punchlines.
Feb 19Filler Art: Friday Preview
Feb 18You’d think, given his name, that Comedy would have a better grasp on what is and isn’t funny.
Feb 17He actually just dozes off, but that’s a tad less impressive.
Feb 14Adorable Zombie Head was just on the front step. Waiting.
Feb 13Manea can hit on someone, fight alongside them, and drive them insane, but giving gifts just feels weird.
Feb 12Filler Art: Mad Love
Feb 11You’d think after a couple thousand years Manea would have gotten better at dealing with relationships.
Feb 10Manea has no idea how dangerous candy is. She thinks it might be, like, kinda dangerous?
Feb 7There’s a related video with some wrapping paper, but the boots are the big seller.
Feb 6Aaaaaand full circle.
Feb 5There was no right answer to that question, Sadness.
Feb 4Sadness is just, you know, chillin’.
Feb 3This is why you’re supposed to beat the mini-bosses before finishing the game.
Jan 31Crying by yourself is the ONLY lifestyle.
Jan 30I’m not gonna lie guys, this is something of an anticlimax.
Jan 29Tragedy was waiting this whole time for an opportunity to say that.
Jan 28You guys are kinda being downers today, huh?
Jan 27Yont doesn’t have time for spell crashers.
Jan 24Manea has mastered all forms of aggression, but her favorite is the passive variety.
Jan 23Nimmo apparently knows how to shed fairy dust, so that’s good for the plot.
Jan 22“This is not an ideal situation, is the thought I’m trying to get across here.”
Jan 21Panel two Leviathan just wants to play peekaboo.
Jan 20Manea’s suddenly remembering why she doesn’t do heroics.
Jan 17Because it’s so sweet. That’s the punchline, in case you missed it.
Jan 16Geez, Rick. Take a friggin’ swimming class.
Jan 15Man, the whole left side of the comic is pretty quiet today.
Jan 14Nimmo seems to be dealing with being nearly the size of an actual tadpole pretty well.
Jan 13I think I may have used every possible exclamation point in this comic. Sorry about that.
Jan 10Comedy doesn’t like people messing with his color scheme.
Jan 9The Theater Bats panic like other people decide on dinner.
Jan 8Other Rick and Satan are really distracting from whatever’s in that tank.
Jan 7Is it just me, or is weird hooded guy not all there?
Jan 6Other Rick and Satan were dangerously close to a civilized conversation.
Jan 3Someday I’m gonna figure out Nimmo’s mental age. Or actual age, for that matter.
Jan 2I’m not really sure how this started, but It quickly devolved into me typing the word “koala” as much as was advisable.
Jan 1If Manea’s going to celebrate, she’s gonna do it right.









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