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Dec 31Baba is fighting sexism and getting pizza. She’s basically living the dream.
Dec 30Yont’s got a point. About what is up in the air.
Dec 27Christmas magic is a bunch of bull.
Dec 26Holiday filler art: Christmas crash
Dec 25Wasn’t it just Christmas last year? I’m pretty sure it was.
Dec 24“Way to drop the ball, dude.”
Dec 23Manea was born for this moment.
Dec 20“That’s also why our TV stand is an indiscriminate grey square.”
Dec 19“If you’re using a regular pot, you might need extra help.”
Dec 18Yont plays dirty Uno.
Dec 17Manea’s actually had a few conversations about empathy, but she’s blocked them out.
Dec 16And then they made a song about it.
Dec 13They, um, sort of went in their own direction with this one.
Dec 12Nimmo doesn’t watch enough Christmas specials, apparently.
Dec 11Plus, she got a crazy good price for all that head fuzz.
Dec 10Yont’s just mad that Adorable Zombie Head interrupted his “vaguely shooting lightning at something off-panel” experiment.
Dec 9The Theater Bats can smell adventure, and it smells bitter.
Dec 6Nimmo’s dream is a box of candy as big as a house. As far as dreams go, it’s not bad.
Dec 5She’s unfazed by the blaze.
Dec 4Chompers is a mystery in an enigma, and Yont is a fool to mess with that.
Dec 3I frankly think this is adorable, and that the penis joke does not subtract from that at all.
Dec 2Secretly, Satan just likes all the little lights.
Nov 28Bascially no one would be invited to this party if everyone else wasn’t an even worse guest.
Nov 27On the plus side, the smoke alarm works.
Nov 26Never take anyone seriously when they start a conversation upside-down.
Nov 25Comedy will unashamedly pass out on Baba’s couch, because he is a GUEST.
Nov 22“Don’t you remember the Ghostbusting incedent?”
Nov 21At least he’s able to acknowledge his mistakes.
Nov 20“Have you not been reading my memos?”
Nov 19It’s not that Manea has no other ideas, she just doesn’t want to walk more than a few feet.
Nov 18“I’m just tired enough that this seems like a good idea.”
Nov 15They’re worse than mice. Seriously.
Nov 14Manea knows you don’t get that close to your crush’s face every day.
Nov 13“Surely this can wait until after the noobs have been pwned.”
Nov 12This does not answer to me whether or not they’re nocturnal. I just DON’T KNOW.
Nov 11Yont’s theological exploits have ruined a lot of books for him.
Nov 8Nimmo is the Batman to Chompers’ Superman.
Nov 7Yont always has a new way of saying he’s hungry.
Nov 6Ha! Hypocrisy.
Nov 5“Do you ever wash yourself viciously, always knowing you can never be truly clean?”
Nov 4I like Satan a lot more when he interacts with “jerky cloaked guy with the questionable biology”.
Nov 1This raises one more question about Chompers’ biology, which is, let’s face it, less than usual.
Oct 31I can’t take anything seriously when it comes out of Satan’s tiny snake mouth.
Oct 30I guess we’ll find out? Like, eventually?
Oct 29Tell you what, if the fire in my eyes ever engulfs my head, I’ll be considerably less cavalier about it.
Oct 28Other Rick gets testy when the devil smacks him around.
Oct 25Satan didn’t go to the trouble of hijacking Chompers just to be pushed around by a guy who can’t even afford pants.
Oct 24Adorable Zombie Head is pretty sure he left the oven on. He’s just gonna go check.
Oct 23Hey look, it’s the plot!
Oct 22Adorable Zombie Head may have mastered doors, but he’s not ready for communication.
Oct 21Adorable Zombie Head is learning about doorknobs, and he thinks this is awesome.
Oct 18Breaking news: This comic will now be 100% written from the point of view of Adorable Zombie Head.
Oct 17“I can walk! I can dance!
Oct 16I need to get Yont some sunglasses just so he can take them off.
Oct 15If you don’t think this comic had a joke in it, you clearly missed the goatee.
Oct 14This can only be good news.
Oct 11“Gods love atheists. It gives them something to aim at.” — Terry Pratchett
Oct 10Gods, as a rule, are terrible parents.
Oct 9You’re all in my top five, imaginary readers.
Oct 8If you read the second-to-last panel straight through then you are some kind of magic.
Oct 7There is a reason no one worships this guy.
Oct 4Tragedy’s not putting up with that wishy-washy crap.
Oct 3That is the least sinister promise of abduction I’ve heard today.
Oct 2Not dinosaurs AND puppies. Actually, maybe…
Oct 1If you Google “Atlantis is on Mars” you will find some funny/stupid conspiracy theories.
Sep 30Man, this comic really toes the line between adorable and macabre.
Sep 27If you learn nothing else from this storyline, remember this: Nimmo is not a ninja in all timelines.
Sep 26To be fair, there were probably better ways to communicate that point.
Sep 25Chompers is pretty good with those swords, considering he can’t see what he’s doing.
Sep 24King Rick has just about had it with this quest.
Sep 23I know you can’t really tell, but Nimmo is terrified right now.
Sep 20Clearly he’s evil! His crown is gigantic!
Sep 19I suppose “Adorable Zombie” would be somewhat redundant.
Sep 18Soon, King Rick will be smothered in adorable creatures! It is maybe not the worst possible death.
Sep 17Tragedy: kind of a bummer.
Sep 16Buddy was the best and bravest burro.
Sep 13I get the feeling “god quest” is a common phrase in King Rick’s vocabulary.
Sep 12Yont is a man who cannot read a room.
Sep 11“It’s almost like you should be more grateful that I saved your life.”
Sep 10I’m always kinda hoping The Devil didn’t lie to me.
Sep 9“Could be worse.” “You think?” “No.”
Sep 6Real smooth, “father of lies.”
Sep 5Buh tired buh.
Sep 4I’m gonna start referring to alternate-dimension Satan as “Lil Lucifer”.
Sep 3This dimension is weird.
Sep 2Labor day! Everybody sleep in.
Aug 30You can’t beat the kind of sincerity that’s been repeated and reworded fifteen times.
Aug 29King Rick doesn’t speak crazy as fluently as Yont.
Aug 28“For instance, I bet this Gralik person is both extremely fragile and a nun.”
Aug 27I think Manea is happier in this dimension.
Aug 26Decision made in the heat of the moment: Extras don’t get noses.
Aug 23That’s what happens when I decide it’s time to stop playing in the sand.
Aug 22King Rick is so not in the mood for this crap.
Aug 21Courtwizard Yont: master of the understatement.
Aug 20Manea’s creeping me out today, guys.
Aug 19Too bad he didn’t have some sort of magical creature with him, I guess.
Aug 16Well, he’s trying. That’s the most important part of break dancing.
Aug 15Butts to that jazz, man.
Aug 14Filler art Fwendesday: Yes, I hate myself for that pun.
Aug 13The “extra fun” option is popular in Texas.
Aug 12Yont feels pretty strongly about alchemical references. It’s probably a wizard thing.
Aug 9…Thanks guys. That, um, that means a lot.
Aug 8This was basically just an excuse to have more penguins.
Aug 7All of Yont’s research is interesting.
Aug 6“So, to answer your original question: no, I guess.”
Aug 5To get the red out, you dunces.
Aug 2It’s the most responsible next step, really.
Aug 1Manea stop being so adorable.
Jul 31That’s not really the spirit of the thing, guys.
Jul 30Pretty sure the feels of warmth are feelings of warmth, guys. Both activities make you warm.
Jul 29“What about that time when I strove to put right what once went wrong, hoping each time that my next leap would be the leap home?”
Jul 26“I’m starting to think I read the recipe wrong.”
Jul 25Plus, she had just a ton of hair.
Jul 24I knew he was a no good kid.
Jul 23“…But now I can’t move.”
Jul 22That’s, um, that’s sweet, guys.
Jul 19Paradoxes: delicious.
Jul 18Guys what are you doing no stop.
Jul 17Yont has opinions. About penguins.
Jul 16Hey, you guys are schmucks!
Jul 15Manea is getting zero help on this monster hunt.
Jul 12I’m not gonna pretend I wasn’t looking forward to this comic for the past week. I’m unashamed.
Jul 11This is so ridiculous. I need to introduce a shark so he can jump it.
Jul 10Chompers is in trooooouble.
Jul 9Enemy not dangerous enough? Make it bigger.
Jul 8The Theater Bats are kind of dicks.
Jul 5Now they’re just plain being unhelpful.
Jul 4Yont and Rick get invited to different types of parties.
Jul 3It’s on, imaginary readers.
Jul 2Manea’s being HELLA apathetic.
Jul 1She’s just trying to be thorough.
Jun 28Aw yeah, baby. Let’s throw the penguin.
Jun 27Great. Now I’ll just be wondering whether or not Yont actually speaks dream penguin.
Jun 26In all fairness, he’s not dressed for most things.
Jun 25“At least the lion didn’t call us names.”
Jun 24Nimmo is having a great time.
Jun 21This can only end well.
Jun 20Nimmo just likes the novelty of a cauldron in the living room, sick friend or not.
Jun 19I hope she means “asleep” and not “pushed over”.
Jun 18Oh hey, if it isn’t Princess sit-on-your-ass.
Jun 17He’s totally not going to make a note of that.
Jun 14I think they’re just fluffing their egos after spending an entire storyline tied up.
Jun 13Chompers is gonna be maaaaaaaad.
Jun 12Sometimes Yont does stuff just to do it.
Jun 11Infinite canvas: not always applicable.
Jun 10Geez, it looks like Jabba the Hutt threw on a cape and went to the Underworld.
Jun 7Charon looks kinda nervous without his oar.
Jun 6Tragedy might be about to drown. Somebody get on that.
Jun 5Manea’s getting sick of this.
Jun 4Man, they’re getting really desensitized to the whole “tentacle monster” thing.
Jun 3Bubbles!
May 31Are smoking shurikens a real thing? Yes? Awesome.
May 30Other Rick is experiencing buyer’s remorse.
May 29That was some pretty sweet aim, Manea.
May 28Somebody get Manea a comb.
May 27Holiday filler art : Nimmo’s Weapons
May 24Well, he is a big jerk. There’s no denying that.
May 23Well, that was about what I expected to see here.
May 22Hades is possibly the only person who didn’t see this coming.
May 21Manea’s still a bit touchy about the whole “kidnapping” thing.
May 20Charon doesn’t really think it’s good, guys.
May 17Yont’s pretty okay with this outcome.
May 16Who knows how long Yont had Baba guessing numbers?
May 15Chompers is pretty hyped up right now.
May 14“Now I remember why I hate everybody.”
May 13This is pretty awkward for Leinth.
May 10Nimmo’s not so worried about his friends that he can’t realize how cool this situation is.
May 9This particular flaw is fine, because IT’S ADORABLE!
May 8Chompers just woke up. He doesn’t want to deal with this crap.
May 7I agree with Ms. lady ninja here, actually.
May 6These two remind me of something…don’t tell me what. I’ll think of it.
May 3Lots of exposition today, huh?
May 2I’m losing a lot of respect for these ninjas.
May 1That ninja was lying! Tadpoles don’t have teeth!
Apr 30Oh no! The ceiling traps failed!
Apr 29Chompers is pretty sure he dreamed that.
Apr 26Pretty sure that’s all you need to know.
Apr 25“The pain-hug is the only thing I know is real.”
Apr 24I was disappointed when I couldn’t find a specific instance of blackmail from those two.
Apr 23They’re gonna be real surprised when she charges them.
Apr 22Manea has heard one too many startling revelations today.
Apr 19I’m resisting making a veil pun here, and I want you to appreciate that, imaginary readers.
Apr 18Leinth Portrait
Apr 17Seriously, what kind of cab driver doesn’t know gossip?
Apr 16Holiday Zombie Heads
Apr 12That is one shady Sensei.
Apr 11Well, the ones on fire do, anyway.
Apr 10Comedy and Tragedy talk to men about horses pretty much all of the time.
Apr 9Anybody else a bit creeped out?
Apr 8“Please keep all confectionery items away from me.”
Apr 5Manea’s got a lot of pent-up aggression.
Apr 4Man, she got changed fast.
Apr 3Anyone else getting déjà vu here?
Apr 2Huh. I didn’t know they were that close.
Apr 1Today is a good day for tricksters.
Mar 29Notice how expertly Yont dodged the question? That’s ’cause he’s got his priorities straight.
Mar 28He probably should have said to stop panicking, huh?
Mar 27Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Mar 26I kinda hope there’s more to that. Otherwise, it was pretty anticlimactic.
Mar 25This is by far the nicest fairy tale they’ve told. They must be having a good day.
Mar 22Nimmo kinda wanders when he’s bored.
Mar 21Man, I hate having to talk them out of destruction.
Mar 19Woe is Rick, for his dreams won’t fly.
Mar 18He takes really good care of himself?
Mar 15It’s like an awesome club that’s impossible to join.
Mar 14Careful, you two. It’s almost like you have feelings.
Mar 13She gets bored easily. It happens.
Mar 12If Yont knew where the ice cream mountain was, he’d have tried to convert it to jet fuel by now.
Mar 11You two ruined a perfectly good tribute comic.
Mar 8We already knew Nimmo was a weird dude, though.
Mar 7And this story makes her nostalgic.
Mar 6Ew, they sleep with their eyes open! Eeeeew.
Mar 5Also, you sometimes have to wonder what Aslan eats, if not his subjects.
Mar 4Yont’s actually put a lot of thought into this.
Mar 1Well, that happened against my better judgement.
Feb 28Hmm. That didn’t go where I expected it to.
Feb 27“So…how’s it hanging?”
Feb 26This is exactly how it went down.
Feb 25Manea likes all conflicts to end in duels. It’s neater that way.
Feb 22“Plus, they’re a waste of perfectly good skunk intestine.”
Feb 21They don’t actually care. Jerks.
Feb 20I’m not sure Yont’s ever even had a job.
Feb 19On the plus side, he did hit the apple.
Feb 18…Okay. I may have dropped the ball here. I’m willing to admit that.
Feb 15So he’s not just a jerk. He’s a lazy jerk.
Feb 14Wow. I’m glad I’ve got infinite canvas.
Feb 13Guys, I’m not sure this is actually a real likely future.
Feb 12Wizards are not to be trusted around electronics.
Feb 11Not that Utopian futures are any better. Somebody get me some Jules Verne over here.
Feb 8Hell has a surprisingly active tourist-based economy.
Feb 7That was quite the ordeal. I’m glad we all got through it.
Feb 6I get the feeling Chompers and Rick are communicating telepathically.
Feb 4Yont is out of his element here.
Feb 1There’re no words in this comic because MY COMPUTER SUCKS.
Jan 30Filler art: Adorable Zombie Hug
Jan 29“Really?” “Yes, really.”
Jan 28Don’t feel bad for Tragedy. That’s the effect he has on others, anyway.
Jan 25It’s a self-esteem thing.
Jan 24There’s a poop joke in here, but I’m too classy to make it.
Jan 23Other Rick is kind of a pessimist.
Jan 22Sorry, college students.
Jan 21Yeah, I don’t see anything I could add to that.
Jan 18Those two have way too much fun watching me suffer.
Jan 17Nimmo kinda comes across as “pop star” more than “mad scientist”.
Jan 16Ohhhhh, the prince is a metaphor for escapism, ohhhhhhhh.
Jan 15Yont’s actually been curious abut that for a long time.
Jan 14Hey, I didn’t ask them to say any of that!
Jan 11Rick is now showing to best way to handle any problem.
Jan 10This may be the most uncomfortable Rick has ever been.
Jan 9Geez, nobody’s being very mature this week.
Jan 8This is the closest my comic will ever get to sports talk.
Jan 7Where did that drum come from?
Jan 4Filler art: Manea’s Balloon
Jan 3I, for one, think the maggots add personality.
Jan 2It’s really the only ending that makes sense.
Jan 1If someone didn’t get badly hammered, it wouldn’t really be a new year, would it?









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