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Dec 31I am in favor of four of these resolutions, but most in favor of the cookie one.
Dec 28Uncle Gwydion sounds like a pretty fun dude.
Dec 27Hey, somebody’s gotta do it.
Dec 26I think those bastards ignored Kwanzaa again. Jerks.
Dec 25Ohhh…Christmas tree.
Dec 24Sort of a big box for such a small gift. Maybe there were peanuts.
Dec 21Yont’s only ever 98.35% sure of anything, really.
Dec 20Other reasons Rick became a nudist: Jehovah’s Witnesses.
Dec 19Baba’s Cooking Tips is a 100% professional web series.
Dec 18Yeah, this story really needs no Cliff’s Notes. Just watch the Muppets’ version.
Dec 17Secret last panel: Tragedy leaves. We never see him again.
Dec 14Rick, why are you ignoring the cool purple swirls? Do you…hate freedom?
Dec 13Manea might be a bit trigger happy right now.
Dec 12You can’t tell, but he’s flipping Rick the bird right now.
Dec 11“I’m the you that’s kind of a jerk.”
Dec 10Ugh! Too much exposition!
Dec 7Well, shit.
Dec 6It took Nimmo a second to even realize what a rotary was.
Dec 5Freaking dead guys. So behind the times.
Dec 4None of Manea’s smoke shapes are very optimistic today.
Dec 3Yeesh, Everybody’s so whiny today.
Nov 30Smoke shapes! Do it again!
Nov 29I think we glossed over the dinosaur analogy. More comics need dinosaur analogies. Or dinosaurs, period.
Nov 28Fire and gunshots! Lots of action for so little movement.
Nov 27Stupid floating villain ruined my description. Jerk.
Nov 26Abandoned factories: the perfect cliché?
Nov 23“Probably I should know that, yes.”
Nov 22This happens every year at Yont’s house.
Nov 21In Nimmo’s book, any movement is progress.
Nov 20There’s no silverware. It’s all guns and ridiculous looking phone accessories.
Nov 19She’s totally not gonna ask about the dinosaurs.
Nov 16Ringing tadpoles: for the weird days.
Nov 15Nimmo’s a little touchy about this subject.
Nov 14Disembodied voices, amirite?
Nov 13Would somebody tell those two to quit with the Cheshire Cat stuff? They’re weirding me out.
Nov 12On the plus side, there was a 13.4% chance that spell would destroy the world.
Nov 9Nimmo is serious about his desserts.
Nov 8This isn’t the first time this has happened, and it won’t be the last.
Nov 7I can totally vouch for this one.
Nov 6Should there be sound effects for the fire extinguisher? I dunno, just go with it.
Nov 5This is the crap I have to put up with.
Nov 2“Don’t go crazy” is usually pretty sound advice in any case.
Nov 1Wait…thirty pounds!?
Oct 31It occurs to me that Chompers might be a little needy.
Oct 30These two are my Linus.
Oct 29Look inside yourself, Yont. You know it to be true.
Oct 26Magician Chompers strikes again!
Oct 25Did Yont’s eyepatch change eyes? Yes.
Oct 24Pumpkin puns! Haha why.
Oct 23I thought this was going to be a Nimmo comic, but it’s a Rick comic!
Oct 22Cars, amirite?
Oct 19Oh, look. A poop joke. That was just waiting to happen.
Oct 18How many times have you saved the world? Baba’s done it 18 times.
Oct 17Oh look, my political views are showing again.
Oct 16Manea can’t stand parties anyway.
Oct 15This one’s more of a “rhyme” than a “tale”.
Oct 12This is what Ninja training looks like. See it with your eyes.
Oct 11“Seriously, there are pictures and everything. What’s your problem?”
Oct 10How did he get that on so quickly? He doesn’t even have any hands.
Oct 9My guess is that about 90% of Yont’s inventions end like this.
Oct 8I hope someone someday says of me that I wasn’t history’s greatest monster.
Oct 5If you don’t love cinnamon, you’re probably not human.
Oct 4Keep it classy, you two.
Oct 3Rick really likes that movie too, but he’s sorta distracted.
Oct 2Manea’s acting pretty evasive today.
Oct 1Chompers knows how to bring people together.
Sep 28No, Manea, crowns aren’t hats. Get with it.
Sep 27And then they all drowned. The end.
Sep 26That’s cold, Rick.
Sep 25I don’t know who’s acting more nonchalant, Manea or Yont.
Sep 24There’s a lot of choking in this comic. I don’t know how that happened.
Sep 21Manea had really thought she’d last longer in that fight.
Sep 20Lethe can be kind of exasperating to interact with.
Sep 19That skull’s jaw is fused shut. He talked back to Manea.
Sep 18And we return to some form of normality.
Sep 17Persephone isn’t really happy about this. She just likes it when Hades is speechless.
Sep 14Sometimes I forget this is a humor comic.
Sep 13Those snake heads’ll get you every time.
Sep 12Manea keeps saying Charon because she’d forgotten his name until Comedy said it.
Sep 11Tragedy’s got his priorities straight.
Sep 10Manea hates dressing up by herself.
Sep 7Man, this comic needs more Nimmo.
Sep 6Guys, look at this plot point I just invented to move the story along. Cool, huh?
Sep 5Gods are notorious for lack of emotional control. FACT.
Sep 4You’d think Manea would have learned to handle stress by now.
Sep 3This brings up too many uncomfortable questions about eavesdropping and privacy. Nobody ask one.
Aug 31I wonder how many gadgets Yont has hidden away? Too many, probably.
Aug 30I was going through Chompers withdrawal.
Aug 29I don’t want you guys to panic. Jokes tomorrow, I promise.
Aug 28Ha! Okay, there’s no joke here. Don’t worry, I’m sure something funny happens eventually.
Aug 27Smooth transition, Hades. Smoooooth.
Aug 24Many Maneas. So many Maneas. Too many Maneas?
Aug 23He stopped sweating! Witchcraft!
Aug 22I keep a cheesecake in my fridge specifically to distract my enemies.
Aug 21Hades does not think highly of my favorite pair of roommates.
Aug 20The original Little Mermaid is really best forgotten.
Aug 17If you don’t find this hilarious, then I just don’t know what to do with you.
Aug 16That’s Baba’s “TV smile”.
Aug 15Something about Scrooge.
Aug 14It’s exhausting to play board games with Yont.
Aug 13It’s impossible for these two to have an intelligent conversation.
Aug 10Nimmo Spectrum
Aug 9Weird how that pink stuff looks unchanged throughout all this, huh?
Aug 8“Now let’s go take advantage of our friend’s generosity.”
Aug 7Sometimes, after a long day, you feel the need to take a nap in a puddle.
Aug 6Cue an hour’s worth of four of my characters spinning around in high speed winds.
Aug 3“I mean, I took us to Mars.”
Aug 2Spirits are faster than, or as fast as, lightning. Write that down, kids.
Aug 1There’s a pun about static in there somewhere…I got nothin’.
Jul 31Those spirits know how to have fun.
Jul 30She’d just finished putting it in, too.
Jul 27Storm gods can whip up rain LITERALLY FROM NOWHERE.
Jul 26“Your screams, however, I will savor on long Sunday afternoons.”
Jul 25Did you know: head wounds bleed like crazy?
Jul 24That was way too satisfying. I think I need a shrink.
Jul 23Confession time: I have never in known memory worn one of those silly hats.
Jul 20Nimmo would do a lot for brownies.
Jul 19I’m just impressed with how long she stood on one leg.
Jul 18If the Theater Bats and I agree about anything, it’s apparently everything said here.
Jul 17Yont has unique problems.
Jul 16This ninja thing may be getting out of hand.
Jul 13They’re not very likable, either.
Jul 12What are you jerks doing!?
Jul 11Chompers is unimpressed.
Jul 10It’s possible that my whole existence was leading to this one moment.
Jul 9Hey, it’s the beginning of the week. No need to challenge ourselves.
Jul 6“Seriously. It’ll totally suck for you.”
Jul 5You tell him, Manea.
Jul 4That smoke must be magical.
Jul 3That probably wasn’t supposed to happen.
Jul 2Come on Rick. Who can be mad that close to a giggling tadpole?
Jun 29SOMEBODY’S cocky after dealing with Hades.
Jun 28For Rick, Mars has lost it’s appeal as a vacation spot.
Jun 27Filler!
Jun 26Baba has been taking storytelling tips from the Theater Bats.
Jun 25I might watch someone fighting a giant mantis while listening to “Born This Way.”
Jun 22See that kite, kids? That’s called recycling. DO IT.
Jun 21Pretty much exactly like ninjas, in fact.
Jun 20Aw, that’s a nice ending.
Jun 19Olympians: the ultimate voyeurs.
Jun 18That’s not what you want to hear from a death god.
Jun 15If you’re all done bickering, I’ve got a storyline to move along.
Jun 14I choose to believe Chompers planned all of this.
Jun 13I give this comic a week before I do the big “exploding Earth” scene.
Jun 12It takes a lot to phase Manea.
Jun 11So apparently the Theater Bats are terrible at finding signs of life.
Jun 8Yes, the Olympians still use tapes.
Jun 7Like they need air bubbles. Come on.
Jun 6Chompers is not a patient creature.
Jun 5Most of Yont’s ideas don’t get past the brainstorming stage.
Jun 4Chompers: defier of gods.
Jun 1Not when they go to Mars, though. Mars is not a good place to go tanning.
May 31Manea is remarkably good at reading nonverbal cues.
May 30Zero gravity tag: the answer to all problems???
May 29I’m not quite sure if this is cute or disgusting.
May 28I bet they spent a lot of time bumping into things between panels.
May 25There must be a certain sense of accomplishment in leaving a goddess completely baffled.
May 24So far I’ve thought of two spin-off comics featuring Nimmo.
May 23Please bear with the low budget sound effects. I had to fire my sound guy.
May 22Alright, whatever, let’s leave the planet.
May 21I feel like I could make a pun on peer/cabin pressure, but it’s not coming together.
May 18Bottom line, Rick’s getting on that ship.
May 17Fly minions are the worst.
May 16I’m not even sure Yont is stable anymore.
May 15This began a bit meta, but (de)evolved into gender humor. Am I funny yet?
May 14Isn’t that a much more satisfying ending?
May 11I feel like panel four has been trying to be made for a long time.
May 10This happens far too often, in Tragedy’s opinion.
May 9It’s good for giant tentacle monsters to learn boundaries.
May 8The worst part is, he’s trying to turn it on by slamming his head on the keyboard.
May 7Yeah, it was a long setup. That was kinda the point, though.
May 4Those two really write for themselves.
May 3“But they’re two for the price of one!”
May 2Rick asked for none of this. It’s just not fair.
May 1Sociopaths make for bad relationships. Write that down, kids.
Apr 30Ha! Because he’s a nudist. We’re back to these jokes.
Apr 27Manea’s had a long day.
Apr 26If you think that’s bad, you should read a Greek tragedy.
Apr 25And now you’re all thinking about it. Mine is a subtle evil.
Apr 24Truth be told, Hades doesn’t like living people. This experience isn’t helping.
Apr 23Rick is cleverly keeping an eye on the mantis. Good move, Rick.
Apr 20“It’s just, I really feel like he should have dropped dead from sheer terror and awe by now.”
Apr 19If this ends with them both getting their brains eaten I’m going to be really sad, guys.
Apr 18Manea is having a bad day.
Apr 17This is basically exactly the right reaction to have.
Apr 16Yeah, but he’s too busy “being pharaoh” to spare any time anyway.
Apr 13They have this conversation pretty often.
Apr 12Wikipedia says he had kids, so he must have got his hatred out of his system.
Apr 11I doubt I’m the first one to notice this, but it’s gotta be said.
Apr 10I was gonna do the whole song, but this is pretty long as it is.
Apr 9He’s gonna be up all night now.
Apr 6Those two really can’t have a touching moment.
Apr 5This was to become one of King Rick’s most legendary and iconic battles.
Apr 4This is pretty common for me, too.
Apr 3This started out as writer’s block, and became…kinda poetic?
Apr 2That dress isn’t really the best choice for this particular game.
Mar 30Honestly, he should have gone to Yont first.
Mar 29Yes, Yont is addressing a dead writer.
Mar 28Hey, they can’t always be mopey and sarcastic.
Mar 27This all happened before noon.
Mar 26Remember not to feel too bad for Manea guys. She was gonna turn Rick into a dog.
Mar 23Adorable Zombie Head has way more bodily functions than he should.
Mar 22At its core, this comic is probably about shedding.
Mar 21Manea is a bit like Nimmo: she doesn’t take stuff too seriously.
Mar 20The house is just off panel. Shut up, I’m not lazy!
Mar 19Aw, Adorable Zombie Head got Rick to smile.
Mar 16I used “so” three times in this comic, and I have no regrets.
Mar 15The suspense!
Mar 14The last panel makes me giggle. Masculinely.
Mar 13Actually, they’ll be walking.
Mar 12This is gonna be a fun storyline.
Mar 9Yont and Nimmo Do Science!
Mar 8Their stories seem to have a recurring theme.
Mar 7Reasons to get out of bed in the morning: Atrophied muscles and bed sores.
Mar 6The Nudist and the Tadpole: greatest sitcom title?
Mar 5This one is pretty autobiographical.
Mar 2Context probably wouldn’t help.
Mar 1The award for the least subtle symbolism goes to… F. Scott Fitzgerald!
Feb 29That goes for you too, kids: don’t argue with crazy.
Feb 28It’s all about the entrance.
Feb 27Shit just got real!
Feb 24Nimmo’s not making a bet because the smart money’s really on Yont.
Feb 23Here’s hoping against a “Raiders” ending.
Feb 22You’d think the robe would keep most of it in…
Feb 21It’s true, sleep does help a lot of things. Not curses, maybe, but other stuff.
Feb 20It’s for the best, Yont. I can’t draw a fedora.
Feb 17“Trust me on this.”
Feb 16Apparently Nimmo is the wrong audience for sarcasm.
Feb 15Well, I can sit here and belittle Shakespeare’s tragedies all day, but I’ve got stuff to do.
Feb 14Well that was…half-hearted!
Feb 13Nemesis Part 1: Too bad everyone’s an enemy to Yont.
Feb 10Baba is speaking in a literal sense. All magic users can access the Pain World.
Feb 9Baba is rightfully suspicious, but even if he wanted to, Nimmo does not have the physical capacity for murder.
Feb 8To be safe, just don’t talk to those two.
Feb 7This is one of the many reasons the Theater Bats should not be around children.
Feb 6Oh, propaganda. Is there a form of entertainment you won’t seep into?
Feb 3Hourly Comics, Part 2: The Revenge of the Overused Sequel Title
Feb 2Hourly Comics, part 1
Feb 1I have had this exact experience with both dogs and cats.
Jan 31I have no idea why Rick’s crying, but this comic makes me really sad.
Jan 30“Bring it in, man. Let’s hug it out.”
Jan 27Mad scientist brought in to offset cuteness. Testing… Success!
Jan 26I don’t care if he’s purposely being annoying or not, he’s just adorable!
Jan 25More rants, you two? Now you’re just hogging the spotlight.
Jan 24Okay this is the last of these. I’ll do something less complainy tomorrow.
Jan 23This strip is soooo autobiographical.
Jan 20Tragedy’s gonna be pissed he’s not in this comic.
Jan 19Poor Nimmo. Even in different dimensions people make fun of him.
Jan 18Rick’s family’s got it right. Their doctors don’t.
Jan 17Pale Skin and Blood Lust, Part 10: I’ve had less disgusting finales.
Jan 16Pale Skin and Blood Lust, Part 9: This is how all vampires should be fought now. Write that down, kids.
Jan 13Pale Skin and Blood Lust, Part 8: Guys, I don’t think she’s really ecstatic.
Jan 12Pale Skin and Blood Lust, Part 7: See how I included yesterday’s comic? Yeah, I’m that good.
Jan 11Storyline Interlude: I’m gonna say story again.
Jan 10Pale Skin and Blood Lust, Part 6: Guys, check out the wildly different vampire designs. Pretty sweet, amirite?
Jan 9Pale Skin and Blood Lust, Part 5: Baba’s a badass.
Jan 6Pale Skin and Blood Lust, Part 4: They’ve been distrustful of storylines ever since I made them a flightless dragon.
Jan 5Pale Skin and Blood Lust, Part 3: Finally, a vampire! Why’s he look like a Mario villain?
Jan 4Pale Skin and Blood Lust, Part 2: Yont may have just uttered the strangest sentence in the English language.
Jan 3Pale Skin and Blood Lust, Part 1: Rick’s face is going to freeze like that.
Jan 2Shakespeare: The most easily summed up playwright?
Jan 12012 ball drop, as performed by Gator-Thing and Adorable Zombie Head.









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