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Dec 30This kind of thing happens a lot when you spend all you time with one person.
Dec 29This seems to happen quite often.
Dec 28…This is awkward. We should leave.
Dec 27Oh, Nimmo. Yes, you do.
Dec 26This comic is horrible! Show it to your friends to confirm this!
Dec 24Christmas is here! Special weekend Christmas special.
Dec 23Christmas Is Coming Part 5: Who didn’t see this coming? Really?
Dec 22Christmas Is Coming Part 4: Good thing Baba nicked that in the bud.
Dec 21Christmas Is Coming Part 3: Theater Bats’ Hanukkah interlude.
Dec 20Christmas is Coming Part 2: I bet that tree has termites, too.
Dec 19Christmas Is Coming Part 1: Tragedy’s not happy about this.
Dec 17Put this in a test and you’re basically guaranteed an A.
Dec 16I won’t say Congress is full of greedy old idiots, but I will type those words into a title.
Dec 15Real Time Gaming Part 10: Yont’s seriously going to snap at some point.
Dec 14Real Time Gaming Part 9: I’m sure Baba’s fine. She’s probably fine.
Dec 13Real Time Gaming Part 8: I preface all my plans with “really, really stupid.”
Dec 12Real Time Gaming Part 7: The Ice Queen
Dec 9Real Time Gaming Part 6: He didn’t say feces.
Dec 8Real Time Gaming Part 5: Zombie Cameo
Dec 7Real Time Gaming Part 4: Theater…Saurus? Maybe?
Dec 6Real Time Gaming Part 3: Never trust anything with tentacles.
Dec 5Real Time Gaming Part 2: Looks Legit.
Dec 2Real Time Gaming Part 1: Rick Role-Playing
Dec 1Yont doesn’t have many friends.
Nov 30This is actually how most guys view Twilight.
Nov 29Yont’s way too testy to be a good Santa.
Nov 28Some religions die in war, some fade away, others with a crunch.
Nov 25True friends are willing to compromise.
Nov 24Holidays can be stressful.
Nov 23The entire cast of my comic can be summoned by saying “nudity” three times in front of a mirror.
Nov 22Note to self: Don’t talk to tragedy about politics.
Nov 21I guess Tragedy doesn’t like it?
Nov 18“Thank you,” say millions of high school students.
Nov 17Sincerity? Come on Rick, that’s not how the game is played.
Nov 16This is the crap I come up with on four hours of sleep.
Nov 15Better Left Unseen Part 4: Gator-Thing, Destroyer of Magic
Nov 14Better Left Unseen Part 3: And Your Little Dog, Too!
Nov 11Better Left Unseen Part 2: Theater Bats Turn Twoface
Nov 10Better Left Unseen Part 1: Rick and the War of the Worlds
Nov 9That was awkward.
Nov 8They also stop me from getting a swollen head.
Nov 7Rick knew these questions were coming.
Nov 4I can taste the awkwardness. It tastes like marmalade.
Nov 3This is true about every musical I’ve ever seen.
Nov 2I feel kind of bad about this one. I hope it’s true, though.
Nov 1Everyone called it a miracle at the time.
Oct 31Dinner Party Zombie Attack 8: Final Course
Oct 28Dinner Party Zombie Attack 7: Bloody Feast
Oct 27Dinner Party Zombie Attack 6: Whipping Something Up
Oct 26Dinner Party Zombie Attack 5: Revenge of the Entrée
Oct 25Dinner Party Zombie Attack 4: Dinner for Two
Oct 24Dinner Party Zombie Attack Part 3: Eating Disorder
Oct 21Dinner Party Zombie Attack Part 2: Fast Food
Oct 20Dinner Party Zombie Attack Part 1: Night of the Living Fed
Oct 19Those dog sweater-owning bastards!
Oct 18Two appearances: This makes Rick a regular character.
Oct 17They are vampires, though.
Oct 14They could do it. It’s believable.
Oct 13Baba’s having a good time.
Oct 12Gettin’ it up
Oct 11Oh Tim, you poor deluded fool.
Oct 10Fight hunger–Buy a donut
Oct 7This comic is…really tall.
Oct 6That smile looks devious to me.
Oct 5Normallity
Oct 4It’s like a drug!
Oct 3Alternate ending: Same scene, but Yont says “Pwned!”
Sep 30I feel like calling Satan a tool is a a great, understated insult.
Sep 29The Final Battle
Sep 28Dealing with the Devil.
Sep 27This light looks worse every page.
Sep 26That’s all well and good, but what’s with the red light? It looks…funky…strange…odd…queer…unusual…abnormal…
Sep 23Damned Bats
Sep 22Sometimes it is nobler to lie than to reveal a terrible truth.
Sep 21That was…anticlimactic or Dues ex machina FTW
Sep 20Introducing: Baba the Bi– I mean Witch.
Sep 19Yont the Wizard’s Musical Interlude: Lobachevsky
Sep 16Why are you reading this? Go rent The Princess Bride!
Sep 15Is that thing a plant or some weird octopus?
Sep 14Dimension Distortion
Sep 13Plotting Revenge
Sep 12Yont
Sep 9Upside-down?
Sep 8And Now: Theater Bats’ Critical Interlude
Sep 7Strong Bones
Sep 6Polite Little Cough
Sep 5And Now: Theater Bats’ Musical Interlude
Sep 3This is canon. Tomorrow’s isn’t.









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