DVD Extras Episode 7 – Vainly Fanciful Discussion

My dear sister,

I have assured that no one will be listening to this podcast by staging a violent disagreement with my co-host in our last episode. The audio file you will find here was meant only for your ears. However, since I know our enemies may always be listening, I have coded your message between talks of even more Unfortunate Events, Jessica Jones, Jack London’s writing style, and an unlikely fan theory. It is my hope that you receive this message before our enemies close in.

Please send your response to the place where it is still quiet. If you must contact me through mundane means, you can do so on twitter at @theaterbats, or my co-host at @royalty_valens. Our trusted associates who control those accounts can find us. Do not contact Lee Rosevere, the person who wrote our outro music “Theme from Penguins on Parade,” as he is being watched.

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DVD Extras Episode 7 – Vainly Fanciful Discussion

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