DVD Extras Episode 6 – The Scholarly Spat

Dear Listener,

No doubt you have chosen to listen to this podcast under the impression that it portrays two friends having a lively discussion about something pleasant, like penguins, or those little balls they put in bingo machines. This is not the case. In the almost thirty minutes that this podcast lasts, its hosts talk of such miserable things as child actors, Alan Tudyk, movie directors, and two separate book series in which love, courage, and intelligence is not enough to save one’s parents, no matter how desperately you want to ask them about the mysteries surrounding your life.

We are sworn to make and edit these podcasts, but you have no such duty. If I were you, I would delete this podcast immediately and find one that doesn’t have the music “Theme from Penguins on Parade” by Lee Rosevere as it ends, and whose hosts do not lurk about on twitter at @royalty_valens and @theaterbats.

With all due respect,

Tony Robusto

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DVD Extras Episode 6 – The Scholarly Spat

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