Episode 10 – Return to Oz

We were gone for a week because of our new magical adventure! We’ve traveled to magical lands before, but none of them have the charm and luster of Oz! Surely it will be much the same when we go back.

Tony would like to blame his sister Annie for both suggesting this movie AND The Film Reroll, and therefore being the driving force behind this episode.

Important questions:
What’s with Glinda’s glassy smile?
Is Toto the best dog actor ever?
Child torture: an acceptable way to start a movie?

Keep an ear out for Tony harassing his online friends while Andy admits to liking a movie where a king is blown up by a chicken.

Our outro music is Theme from Penguins on Parade by Lee Rosevere.
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Andy is @royalty_valens
Tony is @theaterbats

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Episode 10 – Return to Oz

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