Episode 4 – Kronk’s New Groove

It’s our first full episode in months! You missed us, we know. To make it up to you, we’ll show you exactly how Disney can take their best accident and completely drain it of charm, until it is covered in cheese and working really hard for both pop culture references and the approval of its dad.

Important questions:
What made Kronk and interesting character?
What is with the excessive and creepy dancing?
Why does it take Andy and Tony almost a full hour before they start talking about the movie?

Keep an ear out for Tony using the word “foil” like eighteen times while Andy laments the loss of his appendix.

Our outro music is Theme from Penguins on Parade by Lee Rosevere.
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Andy is @royalty_valens
Tony is @theaterbats

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Episode 4 - Kronk's New Groove

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