Episode 20 – Fievel Goes West

All right, pardners. YEAH, I SAID IT. Time to hop a train and start a new life in the old west! Are you ready for action? Music? John Cleese? I know I am!

Inportent questions:
What is An American Tale’s weird race problem?
What is Fievel Goes West’s much more commonplace race problem?
Who are the real criminals of early America?

Keep an ear out for Andy trying to start a people’s revolution and Tony getting distracted by the Statue of Liberty.

Our outro music is Theme from Penguins on Parade by Lee Rosevere.
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Andy is @royalty_valens
Tony is @theaterbats
Tony’s comic is Inspired By True Events
You can read Tony’s Pokemon fanfiction here and here.

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Episode 20 – Fievel Goes West

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