I know, I know, imaginary readers. I said I’d start the storyline today. I was just too out of it to summon up the comic to kick it off. I thought this would be easier, so here it is. Tomorrow, I promise. And it’ll be good. I promise that too.

Oh! Here’s the priest thing. It’s probably just a knee, but it’s a significant mistake, even so.

This one actually was real, too. I’ve got a copy of The Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and it is not a story I would read to a little kid before bed. Seriously.

You may have noticed, imaginary readers, some differences in the site. I’ve been going kind of widget crazy in the best kind of way. I think I may also update my theme so I can get a background, but still see the blog. It’ll be an adventure.

Happy Monday, guys. I hope it goes well.